Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Fabiana Bianchi

Weather in Naples, the cold increases: some snowflakes could fall

These January days are really cold by Naples standards and temperatures are set to drop again.

We all remember the snowfall occurred a couple of times in recent years and the last in chronological order was that of February 4 years ago, when at the end of the month many districts of the city were practically whitewashed.

Therefore, also in the near future temperature could drop below freezing and, who knows, give us some surprises.

The coldest days of the week

Also thanks to a Siberian cyclonic vortex coming, it will be Friday January 14 2022 the coldest day and will follow the night before January 14, always very cold, in which temperatures will drop significantly. They will settle down to around 1 degree, but they might even drop below zero.

Il sky will remain clear and there will be few clouds, thanks toanticyclone of the Azores, so we will have clear but very cold days.

Even in the following days it will be cold, but slowly the temperature will rise and on the weekend they should return to at least 5 degrees for the minimum and 14 degrees for the maximum.

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