When does Big Brother 2023 end?

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The turmoil of the latest edition of Big Brother, now plagued by continuous programming changes, places the emphasis on a question: when the 2023 edition of Big Brother will end?

Big Brother programming changes

As is now clear, the programming changes that involved this edition make it very difficult to estimate the date of the last episode, which was never communicated by Mediaset.

We remember that Big Brother initially aired on Fridays, then we moved on to Thursday, after which we moved on at the double appointment on Thursday and Monday with elimination on Thursday, then moved to Monday, after which a sporadic shift to Wednesday was canceled on the same day of the live broadcast and now to the double appointment on Monday and Saturday with elimination on Saturday.

In any case, some evaluation is possible, but obviously with some reservations.

The date of the last episode of Big Brother

The 2022 edition, for example, it lasted 197 days, going on air from 19 September to 3 April. If the duration were to be the same, the 2023 edition should end at the end of March but there are many variables to consider.

Firstly the entry of new participants, in the last edition there was a lot of "chaos" between exits, returns and new participants entering. The 2023 edition has had 3 "extra" entries and two abandonments to date, which leaves the number of participants almost identical.

Added to this is the non-consistency in the releases, initially scheduled for every Thursday, then moved to Monday and now to Saturday, with a few weeks in which there were no eliminations of any kind.

At any rate It seems likely that the broadcast will end in March, this year it is unlikely we will reach April.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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