Friday, 17 September 2021
Serena De Luca

Whirlpool in Naples, worker solidarity event with Alessandro Siani

Sunday 19 September 2021, at 09:00 on the occasion of the celebration of the Patron Saint of Naples, San Gennaro, the appointment with "... and now there is remains on the San Gennaro".

It will be an event of solidarity with Whirlpool workers which will take place in the Whirlpool Social classroom in Naples, where the workers, together with other important personalities for the city, will meet to ensure that the company does not leave many people without work, even if the multinational after the meeting in Rome at the Ministry for Economic Development made it clear that she was determined and wanted to continue in her direction.

.. And now there is remains on the San Gennaro in Naples: the guests

Many will be the guests who will go in support of the workers against the closure of Whirlpool in Naples, among these the guest of honor will be Alessandro Siani, but there will be other personalities such as: Ciro Poppella with its famous pastries, Monica Buonanno, and then again the Street Masters Association which will welcome the little ones with the game of fun, and many others. The presentation of the book "From Seattle to Genoa" by Daniele Kalidou Maffione is also scheduled.

The workers therefore do not hold back and try to send a strong signal to ensure that the multinational does not proceed with the layoffs, here are their words:

It is not right to take this factory away from the city, it is not right to be treated as tools and not as people: the solidarity event on Sunday 19 September wants to represent just that, that we are a beating heart integrated into the local fabric and that our struggle for the work and for the territory cannot have been in vain.

Information about E mo c'e remains sule San Gennaro


19 September 2021


Whirlpool Social Room Naples





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