Who is Jill Cooper, where and when she was born, books and social media

Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper is a name now well known in the world of fitness and television.

His career, extremely multifaceted, extends from the television screen with participation in major broadcasts also with Maria DeFilippi, up to a large following on social media, among various published books and businesses started with her husband.

Jill, in fact, is a real one protagonist of the world of fitness on TV in the 90s and 2000s in Italy.

Where and when she was born: her origins in the United States

Born in Wichita, Kansas, August 21, 1968, Jill brings with her the energy and dynamism ofAmerican Dream.
These American roots have given her a solid foundation on which to he built every aspect of his professional life.

His family and the move to Italy

The youth of Jill was characterized by the transfer into Italy, a country that welcomed her with open arms. After earning a bachelor's degree in International Business in Rome, Jill has intertwined her personal life with her professional one, becoming Veronica's mother and marrying Alessandro Carbone in 2007.

Jill Cooper's TV career

The television career of Jill Cooper was characterized by a notable versatility and by a constant link with the world of fitness and sport.

After his first experiences as valetta, where he worked for nine different programs for both Rai and Mediaset, Jill began to make a name for herself as a fitness teacher and personal trainer.

In 2001, Jill joined the cast of first and second edition of “Amici”, known at the time as “Saranno Famosi”, where he held the role of fitness teacher. This experience solidified her reputation in the industry and opened doors to additional television opportunities.

Over the years, Jill has held various columns and hosted spaces on the topic of fitness and sport in programs such as "Unomattina Weekend"and "No sooner said than done“. She has also become a well-known face in the telesales, promoting sports-related products on broadcasters such as Home Shopping Europe, Mediashopping and HSE24.

From 2011, Jill Cooper was the personal trainer of Big Brother contestants in some editions, bringing his fitness expertise directly to the most famous house in Italy.

In 2014, participated in Agon Channel as trainer coach of the reality show "My Bodyguard“, which trained the winner in the profession of specialized bodyguard, demonstrating once again his professional versatility.

In 2017, another standout moment in his television career was his participation in the sixth edition of Beijing Express, paired with Antonella Elia, forming the “Corporali” couple. This experience allowed Jill to show the adventurous and competitive side of her.

In 2023, he took on a new challenge by participating as a competitor in the Big Brother, returning to a context he already knew very well but in a completely new guise. This participation further strengthened his bond with the television audience.

Through her career on TV, Jill Cooper has proven that she is not alone an expert professional in the world of fitness, but also a multifaceted and charismatic television figure, capable of adapting to different types of formats and winning the hearts of the public.

Here is the summary of his experiences:

  • Valletta in several broadcasts for Rai and Mediaset.
  • Friends (originally known as “Saranno Famosi”): Fitness teacher in the first two editions.
  • Unomattina Weekend: Conducting columns on fitness and sport.
  • No sooner said than done: Participation as a fitness expert.
  • Home Shopping Europe, Mediashopping, HSE24: Face of teleshopping for sports products.
  • Big Brother: Personal trainer for competitors in different editions.
  • Agon Channel: Trainer coach in the reality show “My Bodyguard”.
  • Beijing Express: Participant in the sixth edition, forming the “Corporali” couple with Antonella Elia.

His entrepreneurial activities

Jill has also expressed her passion in the field ofEntrepreneurship. Together with her husband, he founded the Coalsport.Com Sport and Super Jump brands, combining fashion and sport in an original clothing line.

Jill Cooper's books

Through writing, Jill shares her philosophy of life:

Jill Cooper's social networks

On social networks, Jill is a real one inspirational guide. He regularly shares training programs and weight loss advice, becoming a point of reference for those looking to improve their physical and mental well-being.

On Instagram you can find her by her username @jillcoopersuperjump.

Jill Cooper represents an extraordinary example of how passion, commitment and talent can intersect, giving life to a rich and stimulating professional path, capable of positively influencing the lives of many people.

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