Who is Mauro Corona, sculptor, writer, Bianca Berlinguer and Fabrizio Corona

Mauro Corona writer

The story of Mauro Corona winds through mountain peaks and television spotlight, passing through the heart of wooden sculpture and the pages of his books. An eclectic personality who has masterfully weaved the threads of his passions, creating a unique and compelling plot.

Where and when Mauro Corona was born

In the heart of the Trentino Alto Adige, precisely a Baselga del Piné, on August 9, 1950, Mauro Corona took his first breath. A place surrounded by greenery and tranquility, a perfect prelude for future adventures that would see him as the protagonist.

Fame as a sculptor

La sculpture for Mauro Corona it was not simply a hobby, but a way of expressing his profound connection with nature. In the 70s, wood becomes his favorite frame, on which to sculpt the forms of his imagination. Each sculpture, a silent story of an artist who was learning to speak with his hands.

And the world listened, welcoming his creations with enthusiasm, so much so that Mauro's talent found a master in Augusto Murer, a further step towards a growing artistic career.

The passion for mountaineering

Le montagne they were not just a lure for the artist, but a world to explore. L'Mountain climbing it became another path on which Mauro Corona left his mark. From the peaks of Greenland to the rocks of California, his passion for mountaineering led him to challenge heights and celebrate the beauty of nature in every vertical adventure.

Career as a writer

1997 marked another important chapter: the writing. Thanks to the publication of some stories on Gazzettino, Mauro Corona began to navigate the world of words. His pen drew stories that carried the breath of the mountain and the smell of wood, conquering readers and leading him to publish a variety of novels and essays, where the peaks meet the ink.

Here are some of the main themes that recur in the books and works of Mauro Corona:

  • The mountain, as a place of adventure, challenge and spirituality;
  • Nature, as a source of beauty and life;
  • The family, as a place of love and pain;
  • Solitude, as a necessary condition for personal growth;
  • Death, as a natural passage of life.

The collaboration with Bianca Berlinguer on TV

Mauro Corona's face also became familiar on the small screen, thanks to the meeting with bianca berlinguer. A collaboration that saw him as a regular guest of White paper on Rai 3, from 2018 to 2023, a period interrupted only briefly in 2020-2021.

The empathy with Bianca is also reflected in her recent participation in It's always Cartabianca, marking a continuity in the dialogue between the artist and the television audience.

Is Mauro Corona related to Fabrizio Corona?

A question that touched on the curiosity of many, given the homonymy. However, there is no relationship between Mauro and Fabricius Corona. Two stories, two paths which, although sharing a surname, were drawn on completely different maps. A case of homonymy that only added a further pinch of curiosity in the multifaceted figure of Mauro Corona.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CwFkLxKttW_/
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