Who went out on Big Brother last night? Gisella Torresan


During the transmission of Big Brother of November 6, broadcast in prime time on Channel 5, we witnessed the conclusion of another chapter of the reality show. After an intense week, the public witnessed the crucial phase: the elimination. The five nominees of the week were Giampiero Mughini, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Alex Schwazer, Angelica Baraldi e Giselda Torresan.

Who came out on Big Brother 6 on November 2023th?

They were the first to receive the news of salvation Mughini e Garibaldi, followed shortly by Schwazer. The latter, who was able to count on the incessant support of his mother, Maria Luisa Brunner, he breathed the relief of remaining inside the House. The highlight was reached when Anita Olivieri announced the name of the competitor who would have to say goodbye to the game: Giselda Torresan it was the least voted by the public.

Post-Elimination Reactions and Emotions by Gisella Torresan

Despite the elimination, Giselda maintained a positive attitude, accepting the outcome with sportsmanship: “It's a game, that's okay,” she declared before leaving the House. Arriving at the television studio, she expressed gratitude for the experience she had: "I had a lot of fun, it was a great experience", words that resonate like a positive echo of an adventure that ends for her, but leaves behind unforgettable moments.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: Big Brother
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