Why do tennis players blow on their hands and fingers?

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In the world of tennis, the action of blowing on one's hands is not just a mere physical habit, but takes on an importance both practice and psychological.
This seemingly simple gesture reveals the enormous complexity of the game and how much even a small gesture can have a significant impact the psyche of the tennis player.

Blow your hands to dry sweat and improve your grip

One of the main reasons why tennis players blow on their hands is, trivially, to wipe away sweat. During intense matches, sweat can compromise your grip on the racket, especially in the presence of steel handles leather o thin overgrips, which do not absorb moisture effectively.

This gesture allows you to maintain a longer grip firm and safe, reducing the risk of shot errors.

A psychological support not to be underestimated

In addition to the practical aspect, blowing on your hands has an important component psychological. For many players, this gesture serves as a moment of concentration and relaxation, especially crucial before addressing decisive points.

In some cases, as demonstrated by world-famous tennis players such as Roger Federer, the breath on the hands can take the form of a ritual, helping to stabilize the player's mental routine.

What is a recovery routine?

Roger Federer, a tennis icon, explained that the blowing on your hands or putting your hands in your hair, it's part of his recovery routine.

A recovery routine is a psychological strategy adopted to prepare yourself mentally for the next point, helping you to forget the previous point and concentrate about the present.
For Federer, the breath on the hands a process of refocusing begins which includes evaluating the position of the opponent and the ball, followed by preparation for the serve or return.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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