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Free Wi-Fi in Piazza Bovio: here's how to register

Wi-Fi free in Piazza Bovio (Piazza Borsa) in Naples for a few days. The service offers the possibility to connect for free to the Internet from smartphones and tablets, as a result of an initiative launched by the Neapolitan Chamber of Commerce.

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The network is free and released, and represents another piece in the retraining of the surrounding area, after the move of the statue of Vittorio Emanuele II, transferred from Piazza Municipio, the opening of the 'Università' underground station, and the adoption of the green areas of the area by the Chamber of Commerce.

To use the service, all you have to do is register after connecting to the Wi-Fi network directly from the device in question. You will receive the password on the number indicated via SMS, which will then be valid forever.

Free Wi-Fi Piazza Bovio Naples

Starting from the next days will be installed the appropriate signs to warn passers-by, thousands of students, employees and tourists of the free Wi-Fi zone.

Maurizio Maddaloni, president of the Chamber of Commerce, expressed himself in this regard: "It's ours contribution concrete recovery and development of urban functions through technological innovation. Ensure free access to this area Internet it means turning the square into a living and vital junction for the tourism and economic activities"

Recall that already since April 2013 exist 4 Wi-fi stations free, Thanks to Naples Cloud City service the Municipality.

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