Young journalist on coffee breaks.

Are you a journalist or a columnist with a VAT number?

Even if you are a beginner, know that we are looking for you.
we are expanding the editorial staff of,, and and we could be interested right away!

About us

Training, the real one, not fictitious
No spam: we want you to write not go around spamming the article on social media
Support: the writer must be the writer, not spend the day looking for a piece to be treated
A healthy and professional working environment: no demands on grueling work shifts
I work remotely, you can also write from the beach (lucky you)
An ethical team: we are the first not to want to defraud the reader, no to clickbait and fake news

Ok, but who are you?

The first portal, for traffic, on events and tourism in Campania.

performance of the Napolike competitor

Do you have questions? Let's see if we already have an answer.

Why VAT only?
Contrary to what many may think, we do not seek VAT numbers because we do not want to stabilize our editors.
Far from it!

In 2019 the management of the portal passed to Made it srl, but the 2020/2021 pandemic forced us to slow down operations, effectively leaving the management only in the internal team (which, however hard it tries, does anything but profession).

Finally, after 10 years of activity of the portal, it is time to expand the editorial office, but we must proceed for STEP and at this stage it would not seem ethical to ask an editor to work exclusively for us.
We want those who collaborate with us are free to carry out their profession independently, without constraints.

Our plans for 2023 foresee the creation of a new editorial staff, stable and with regularly hired and adequately salaried staff.
How much do you pay?
It depends on your availability, from Your cost profile and, above all, from Your tariff.

Keep in mind that we will plan together a publication plan, starting from one portal and then gradually moving on to another and so on.
Are publications useful for receiving a journalist's card?
No, because Napolike has always been a priority a portal on tourism in Campania, not a "newspaper" on Naples.

In fact, if you notice, we do not deal with football, crime news, gossip or this type of news. Our goal has always been to communicate the city of Naples and our region, breaking old-fashioned mental schemes.

Would they be profitable? Yes, a lot, but they go beyond the focus of the project.

We have a content expansion in mind for 2023 and 2024, resulting in registration as a news organization. 
But it is still premature to talk about it as it is essential that the heart of the project remains intact.

Have we convinced you or do you have other questions?
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