Thursday, 09 October 2014
Valentina D'Andrea

X Day of the Contemporary in Naples, free museums


The tenth edition of the Contemporary Day will also be held in Naples. Free admission to the city's contemporary art museums

Ready to dive into the contemporary art of Naples? Will be held Saturday October 11 2014 la Contemporary Day, which reaches its XNUMXth edition this year. Our city will also join the great event dedicated to contemporary art and its public and organized by LOVE US, Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums.

On the occasion of X Day of the Contemporary, it will be possible to visit the 26 AMACI museums in Italy for free, to discover artists and new ideas through exhibitions, workshops, events and conferences. A multifaceted program that will give the general public an opportunity to experience the complex and lively world of contemporary art up close.

A Naples you will be able to discover for free the contemporary art works kept inside the Mother Museum, the Naples Twentieth Century Museum (Castel Sant'Elmo), and the now famous Art Stations.

Program of the X Day of the Contemporary in Naples

Mother Museum

11.00 hours

A Saturday At The Museum

Free educational visit for adults

A journey to discover the museum's exhibitions and collections in progress, organized by the Department of Education of the Mother, to actively explore the languages ​​of contemporary life.

Free participation, booking recommended.

11.00 hours

Yellow Mother

Free educational workshop for children from 5 to 9 years

An opportunity to experiment together color as an active and participatory practice. From room to room, children and young people, with the help of educational operators, can trace the primary colors in each of the illustrated works, and try to associate them with music, images, movements or signs. At the end of the visit, the participants will realize a color performance inspired by the variety of learned knowledge and the plurality of contemporary artistic practices.

Free participation, reservations required.

12.00 hours

Presentation of the Padraig Timoney and Giulia Piscitelli catalogs

with Alessandro Rabottini, Eugenio Viola and the artist Giulia Piscitelli

Alessandro Rabottini and Eugenio Viola, curators at Large del Madre, will present the catalogs Pádraig Timoney. Microtome, by A. Rabottini (Electa, pp. 224), dedicated to the mid-career retrospective A lu tiempo de ..., the largest solo exhibition ever dedicated by a public institution to the Irish artist Pádraig Timoney, and Giulia Piscitelli . Intermedium, curated by A. Viliani and E. Viola (Electa, pp. 120), dedicated to the homonymous exhibition of the Neapolitan artist held at the Madre, who presented the different aspects of the artist's production, with particular attention to the patrolling the social, economic and cultural geography of the city of Naples.

Free participation (Library, first floor)

18.00 hours

Guided tour with the Museum Director Andrea Viliani

at the Walid Raad exhibition. Preface / Preface

On the first day of the Lebanese artist Walid Raad's exhibition, Andrea Viliani - Director of the museum and co-curator of the exhibition - will accompany the audience on a guided tour, illustrating the large exhibition project that the Mother dedicated to one of the most important artists contemporaries of the Middle East area. Preface / Preface presents, in Italian preview, all the articulation of the project The Atlas Group (1989-2004), an archive of photographic documents, videos and writings on the recent history of Lebanon, along with the ongoing project Scratching on Things I Could Disavow .

Free participation, booking recommended.

Naples Twentieth Century Museum

The Contemporary Day is the right occasion to visit this museum in progress hosted in the High prison of Castel Sant'Elmo, in San Martino, and which houses the works of art created by various artists in the city of Naples from 1910 to 1980. Here you can admire works of Futurism, Circumvisionists and Second Futurism, created by artists such as Enrico Baj, Giuseppe Capogrossi , Fortunato Depero, Vincenzo Gemito, Tommaso Marinetti, Mimmo Paladino, Gianni Pisani and Ernesto Tatafiore.

Metro Art Tour Day

for X Day of the Contemporary, ANM and Legambiente Neapolis 2000, propose a special one "Metro Art Tour Day", a program of five free tours to art stations.

On the same day you can visit the stations for free Toledo and University, Salvator Rosa, Museum, Dante and Materdei, Vanvitelli and Quattro Giornate, with the aim of enhancing one of the richest public art collections in the world which marks the entrance of its "underground museum" into the institutional circuits of the Contemporary.

The tours will be guided by ten volunteers Legambiente, formed by the ANM Artistic Office, which will guide the visitor to discover the rich heritage of contemporary art spread along the city subway.

Program visits:

10.00 hours - Toledo and University stations
departure at Toledo station

10.00 - Salvator Rosa Station
departure atrium first exit Salvator Rosa station

11.30 - Museum Station
departure atrium station Museum

17.00 pm - Dante and Materdei stations
departure at the Dante station atrium

17.00 - Vanvitelli and Quattro Giornate Stations
departure at Vanvitelli station

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