Naples, Zeppole di San Giuseppe: where to eat the best ones

Friday, 17/03/2023
Andrew Navarro
Zeppola di San Giuseppe Neapolitan

In Naples the Zeppola di San Giuseppe has a very important meaning and finds its maximum extension on the day of Father's Day, Or the 19 March, but also on other days it is possible to taste this specialty. This tradition has been present on Neapolitan tables since ancient times and hardly anyone can resist the exquisite flavor of this typical Neapolitan dessert. But to savor its essence you have to eat the real zeppola and non-trivial imitations.

Before recommending a few big names where it is possible to taste Zeppola di San Giuseppe without comparison, let's talk a little about history and of this symbol of Naples. Then we will pass 5 activities who churn out the real Neapolitan zeppola.

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The origins of the Zeppola di San Giuseppe

Zeppole di San Giuseppe are a traditional Neapolitan dessert, whose paternity is attributed to Neapolitan city. The first official recipe dates back to 1837 and was written by the famous gastronome Ippolito Cavalcanti, Duke of Buonvicino, in his Theoretical-Practical Treatise on Cuisine. The birth of him is linked above all to two legends.

Christian legend

The first legend, matrix Christian, attributes the birth of zeppole to escape to Egypt of the Holy Family. It is said that San Giuseppe, to keep Mary and Jesus, he had to combine the profession of carpenter with that of fryer and pancake peddler.

Legend of Liberalia

It often happens to hear about the Liberalia, Roman festivals organized in honor of the deities of wine and grain. A legend leads us to Roma during these celebrations, which took place on 17 March and included the homage to Bacchus and Silenus, his tutor and fellow revelers. On these occasions, much wine and ambrosia were drunk and savored wheat pancakes cooked in boiling lard.

With the ban imposed by Emperor Theodosius II on any pagan cult, also the Liberalia ceased to be celebrated. It is possible that over time these holidays were incorporated by Catholicism, which established the feast of St. Joseph two days after March 17th. From 1968, this holiday was adopted as father's day. Zeppole, which now bear the name of San Giuseppe, are actually the descendants of the ancient Roman fritters.

The best Zeppole di San Giuseppe in Naples


The Attanasio oven, born way back in time 1930 thanks to the passion of Vincenzo Attanasio and Carmela Fabbrocino, it represents an authentic landmark for Neapolitans and tourists. It is not only a place to buy top quality puff pastry, but it is a real symbol of Naples where you can taste all the traditional desserts.

Address: Vico Ferrovia, 1-2-3-4, 80142 Naples

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From the 1837 Carraturo pastry represents a real one icon of the city of Naples, with almost two centuries of experience and tradition in the confectionery sector. For decades, the pastry shop has been famous for the quality of its products, which have conquered the palates of Neapolitans, tourists and customers from all over the world.

Address: Via Casanova, 97, 80139 Naples

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The Sfogliatella Mary

The pastry Sfogliatella Mary it is authentic institution in Naples, famous for the production of classic Neapolitan desserts, including the famous sfogliatelle. Located in a corner of Galleria Umberto, the pastry shop produces millions of sweets every year, which attract both tourists and local sweet enthusiasts. One can be defined "mini" pastry, given that it is a sort of showcase, where Neapolitans and tourists line up to taste the excellence.

Address: Via Toledo, 66, 80134 Naples


The Leopoldo is a local historian of Naples, located in Via Foria in front of the suggestive Real Orto Botanico. Today, I'm at the helm of the restaurant two generations of the Infante family: the brothers Gianni and Patrizio, who inherited the passion for the kitchen by the founder and have worked in the restaurant since 1967, and their children, Leopoldo, Nunzia, Fabio and Marco.

Address: degli Artisti, 6, 80129 Naples / Via Chiaia, 248, 80121 Naples 

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The Pastry Santoro is stated between best Neapolitan pastry shops historical, with over a century of history behind them. Our family, led by Ferdinand Santoro, has handed down the secrets of pastry from father to son, to delight the palates of the Neapolitans with high quality products.

The Santoro pastry shop has opened two outlets in Naples, one in Via Simone Martini in the 1989 and the other in the living room of the Vomero district in Via Luca Giordano in the 2019.

Address: Via Simone Martini, 113, 80128 Naples NA

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