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Ztl Tarsia - Pignasecca - Dante: new roads closed to traffic in Naples

New Ztl in Naples Tarsia Pignasecca Dante from 29 October 2013

The new Ztl Tarsia - Pignasecca - Dante will enter into force from 29 October 2013. Here are the streets and squares involved in the area closed to traffic

Still roads closed to traffic in the city of Naples, after the announcement of the Ztl of San Martino al Vomero arrived in recent days. This time the affected area concerns the Old Town and it will include again Piazza Dante, which for some months had been reopened to vehicular traffic.

La Ztl Tarsia - Pignasecca - Dante will go into pre-exercise from the next 29 October 2013 from 9: 00 to 18: 00 with four new electronic gatesie it will last for the time being 30 days, at the end of which the offenders will be fined.

The new Ztl will include the following roads:

corso Vittorio Emanuele (viable) - via Montemiletto (viable) - Salita Tarsia (viable) - via Cotugno - piazza Gesù and Maria (viable) - via FS Correra (viable) - via Brombeis, taken from via FS Correra and via Avvocata (passable) ) - via Avvocata (viable) - via Pessina, stretch between via Avvocata and piazza Dante - piazza Dante - via Toledo stretch between piazza Dante and via dei Pellegrini - via dei Pellegrini (viable) - via Giovanni Ninni (viable) - piazza Montesanto - via Montesanto

Map of the new Ztl Tarsia Pignasecca Dante in Naples

I electronic gates will be placed in these streets:

  • Piazza Gesù and Maria
  • via Domenico Soriano (Urban Pedestrian Area)
  • via Toledo height via dei Pellegrini towards via Pessina
  • Piazza Dante in the direction of Toledo
  • via Brombeis, to protect the pedestrian area, which can only be accessed by cars and motorbikes of residents and residents, and is inside the Ztl "Tarsia-Pignasecca-Dante"

The areas closed to traffic will be allowed to transit only to authorized vehicles and which will expose the appropriate one mark.

In the Ztl Tarsia-Pignasecca-Dante access to all mopeds and motor vehicles is permitted (excluding Via Brombeis).

To consult the map of the new Ztl, to download the forms to request the mark to access and learn more information see the official website of the Municipality of Naples.

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