Barbara d'Urso on Domenica In, here's when she will be at Mara Vanier

Barbara d'Urso

Television is preparing to celebrate a long-awaited return: that of Barbara d'urso. The news that has catalyzed the public's attention is his upcoming participation in Sunday In, the Sunday lounge led by Mara Venier.

Barbara d'Urso guested by Mara Vaniere after her farewell to TV

After saying goodbye to the small screen, Barbara d'urso she dedicated herself to a theater tour which led her to travel far and wide across Italy, consolidating her bond with her fans. Her absence from the television scene, particularly after the conclusion of the relationship with Mediaset, has left a void in the hearts of many of her.

Il 3 March 2024 represents the date of his long-awaited return, this time on the stage of Sunday In. This appearance not only marks his return to the television arena but also opens a new chapter of possibilities and open dialogue about reasons for his departure from Mediaset.

D'Urso's entry into what was once considered a rival program is seen as a gesture of rapprochement with the public, who have expressed the desire to see her again on television. The relationship of esteem and sometimes competition for ratings between Barbara d'urso e Mara Venier enriches the meaning of this return, making it a moment awaited with great interest and affection by viewers.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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