The road to Naples: strikes, traffic blocks, ZTL and information on how to get around the city.

Enhanced the bus service in Naples thanks to the ANM for School program to encourage the reopening of schools!

The works at the Vittoria Gallery in Naples are to be redone from scratch and the reopening is expected in at least a year and a half!

The alternating one-way street at Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Naples has been removed!

Other inconveniences due to the closure of the Galleria Vittoria in Naples because the release from seizure was rejected and the reopening is ...

It closes the right lane of the Lazio Gallery in Naples for about two months: some important works are needed.

New direct bus connections activated thanks to ANM and another private operator to the Scampia district in Naples.

Four consecutive nights of closure on the ramps of via Cilea al Vomero for the Naples ring road. Here's how to ask for a refund ...

Tram lines 2 and 4 are back in service and connect the center of Naples with the eastern area towards San Giovanni a Teduccio!

The times of the Cumana, Circumflegrea and Circumvesuviana strike for Friday 8 January 2021.