The Mostra d'Oltremare closed, why and when it reopens

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La Mostra d'Oltremare closes exactly 12 days, by 18 30 to April, to prepare for Comicon. The announcement was made via social media stating that for organizational reasons related to the comic event the green place will remain closed. We remind you that the Comicon lasts a few days, from 25 April to 28 April 2024, but for safety and set-up reasons the closure of the Exhibition has been extended.

Mostra d'Oltremare closed for 12 days for Comicon

La Mostra d'Oltremare will temporarily close its gates to the public to allow the setting up of the Comicon, a very popular event. Safety is the main priority during these preparations, therefore, to guarantee it, the organization has chosen to limit access to the park.

A nuisance for the many citizens who use the Mostra as almost the only green space in the area, especially for those who have a season ticket.

When does the Mostra d'Oltremare reopen?

Just finished the Comicon, Mostra d'Oltremare will reopen its doors, but due to conditions weather not favorable its reopening is scheduled for the 3 May.

User reaction

Reactions to the closure were immediate on social media. Subscribers ask for information on refunds for the closing days. Others express frustration for the lack of areas dedicated to subscribers, especially those who frequent the park with their animals.

There are those who suggest that a more timely communication it would have helped avoid discontent. The voices alternate between requests for greater attention and resignation, in short, a decidedly unappreciated decision which however remains necessary for the organization of this very important event for the city of Naples.

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