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In Naples, the Cumana line will interrupt service for two weeks starting April 6th. A stop that was necessary due to important modernization works that are now mandatory, works that will lead to substantial improvements in racing.

I reasons for the closure and the work to be done

The Volturno Autonomous Body has started an ambitious project for the Cumana: the construction of new galleries (Monte Olibano and Pozzuoli), one new station in Pozzuoli , renovation than that of Gerolomini. Works that begin a process of transformation of the service, eliminating the passage in the center of Pozzuoli and improving travel times.

With the abandonment of the old stretch of tracks and the passage of traffic on the new route The currently prescribed slowdowns (20km/h) on the route will immediately be eliminated, with a consequent reduction in travel times on the entire line


The times of replacement services

On the EAV website there are two tables with the timetables of the replacement buses between Fuorigrotta and Torregaveta and of the shuttle between Bagnoli and Pozzuoli.

The timetables of the replacement service between Fuorigrotta and Torregaveta

The shuttle times between Bagnoli and Pozzuoli

Qhow long will the closure of the route last

Traffic on the Cumana will stop from 6 to 21 April on the section between Bagnoli and Torregaveta. During this period, a bus replacement service will guarantee the suspended connections, but unfortunately it will not be free from inconveniences given that the buses are less efficient.

The intervention as a whole will allow the dismantling of the historic line between the stations of Gerolomini and Pozzuoli and therefore the decommissioning of the current line crossing the center of Pozzuoli". In the next few weeks the new route from Pozzuoli station to Arco Felice station of approximately 2 kilometers will be put into service, the unblocking of the new Monte Olibano tunnel will be carried out and, in the Gerolomini station, the works for the construction of the platform and for the opening of the passage towards the new Pozzuoli tunnel


Qwhen the closed section reopens

The completion of the works is scheduled for 21th April, when the Cumana resumes service, hopefully offering reduced travel times for a transportation system that far too much it has often sacrificed its users.

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