Vesuviana, Cumana, Flegrea and Aversa strike on 24 January


Il 24 January 2024 it won't be an ordinary day for those traveling in Campania: the EAV is on strike. For 24 hours, the routine of commuters clashes with the demands of workers. At the centre, issues that affect the everyday lives of workers and citizens: safety, maintenance and working conditions.

Let's see in detail the reasons and timetables of the individual means of transport.

The reasons for the strike

Behind it strike of 24 January There are fundamental questions that deserve attention. The workers, represented by USB, raise several issues:

  • Sorrento dormitory: improvement of conditions and management.
  • Career progression: a question of recognition and professional growth.
  • Additional skills for traveling personnel.
  • Using the badge: rules and procedures.
  • Renewal of the CCNL: an important negotiation for the future.
  • Worker safety: an increasingly central theme.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: fundamental for the quality of the service.
  • Supervision on buses and stations: to ensure safety for passengers and workers.
  • Exceeding entry wages for new hires: a question of fairness.
  • Free exercise of the right to strike in essential public services.
  • Salary increase: a request to adjust compensation to the cost of living and the value of the work performed.

Circumvesuviana strike, times and methods

La Circumvesuviana, a vital artery for many commuters, will be affected by the strike with significant changes to timetables.

Here are the Guaranteed departures:

Before the Strike (6:17 – 8:03)

  • From Naples:
    • Sorrento: 07:28
    • Sarno: 07:34
    • Baiano: 07:36
    • Poggiomarino: 07
    • Torre Annunziata: 07am
    • San Giorgio via CDN: 07:48
  • For Naples:
    • Sorrento: 07:38
    • Sarno: 07:50
    • Baiano: 07:48
    • Poggiomarino: 07
    • Torre Annunziata: 07am
    • San Giorgio via CDN: 07:28

After the stop and subsequent resumption of the strike (guaranteed time slot 13pm – 18pm)

  • From Naples:
    • Sorrento: 13:28
    • Sarno: 13:34
    • Baiano: 13:36
    • Poggiomarino: 13
    • Torre Annunziata: 13am
    • San Giorgio via CDN: 13:48
  • For Naples:
    • Sorrento: 13:38
    • Sarno: 13:38
    • Baiano: 13:48
    • Poggiomarino: 13
    • Torre Annunziata: 13am
    • San Giorgio via CDN: 13:28

Circumflegrea and Cumana strike, times and methods

Le Flegree lines they will also undergo changes in their opening hours due to the strike. Here is the essential information:

Before the Strike (5:00 – 8:00)

  • From Montesanto to Torregaveta: last departure at 07:41
  • From Montesanto to Licola: last departure at 08:00
  • For Montesanto:
    • From Torregaveta: last departure at 07:54
    • From Licola: last departure at 07:56

After the Strike (14pm – 30pm)

  • From Montesanto to Torregaveta: first departure at 14pm
  • From Montesanto to Licola: first departure at 14pm
  • For Montesanto:
    • From Torregaveta: first departure at 14pm
    • From Licola: first departure at 14pm

Last departures before the strike resumes

from Montesanto to Torregaveta 17pm

from Montesanto to Licola 17pm

from Torregaveta to Montesanto 17pm

from Licola to Montesanto 17pm

Strike on suburban lines, times and methods

also the Suburban lines are affected by the strike, with some trips guaranteed. Here are the details:

  • From Naples to Benevento: guaranteed departures at 07:00, 08:21 and 21:13.
  • To Naples from Benevento: runs at 05:44, 06:50 and 18:49.
  • From Naples to Piedimonte: departures at 07, 50 and 17.
  • To Naples from Piedimonte: runs at 05:10, 06:21 and 17:21.

MetroCampania Nordest strike, times and methods

La Metro Campania North East between Aversa and Piscinola will see a reduced service. Here are the guaranteed departures:

Before the Strike

  • From Aversa to Piscinola: last departure at 08:15.
  • To Aversa from Piscinola: last departure at 08:15.

After the Strike

  • From Aversa to Piscinola: first departure at 16pm.
  • To Aversa from Piscinola: first departure at 16pm.

Bus strike, times and methods

Le Autoline will maintain some services during the strike in the following guarantee time slots:

  • Sorrentino/Torrese Operating Area – Nolano Basin – Neapolitan Basin:
    • Lines of the Sorrento peninsula; Naples – Scafati and lines of the municipalities of Torre Annunziata, Boscoreale, Boscotrecase and Trecase; Naples – Nola and the Nola and Lauro valley lines: service guaranteed from 06:20 to 08:15 and from 13:30 to 17:35.
  • Exercise area Procida and Flegreo basin:
    • Procida lines; Lines in the Phlegraean area (Naples – Monte di Procida and Bacoli services): service guaranteed from 05:00 to 08:00 and from 14:30 to 17:30.
  • Urban lines of Castellammare di Stabia:
    • Service guaranteed from 06:00 to 09:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00.
  • Urban lines of Torre del Greco, Pomigliano d'Arco, Somma Vesuviana, Portici, San Giorgio a Cremano; Supply lines to the stations between Pomigliano and Nola; Pompeii Vesuvius:
    • Service guaranteed from 05:30 to 08:30 and from 17:30 to 20:30.
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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