Metro Line 1 Naples, 17 and 18 April early closure

1 Line of the Naples Metro
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ANM has issued a press release in which it announces two new days in which metro line 1 will close early. It's about Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April 2024, on these dates the Naples Metro Line 1 will bring forward its evening runs.

The temporary variation will allow in-depth technical checks to be carried out, essential to guarantee the continuity and safety of the service.

Early times for April 17th and 18th

  • Last departure from Piscinola: 21:10
  • Last departure from Garibaldi: 21:34

The main objective of these changes is to minimize the impact on the daily habits of passengers, trying to concentrate the interventions in less critical moments for city mobility.

Why is Naples Metro Line 1 closing early on some days?

The early closures of Metro Line 1 are timed to allow for a variety of detailed technical inspections within the metro network. The checks are vital to identify and resolve any structural or mechanical problems, thus ensuring maximum safety and reliability of the service.

The intervention in the evening it was chosen to minimize the inconvenience for commuters, allowing workers to operate in optimal conditions and with less public attendance, ensuring that maintenance operations are carried out with maximum efficiency and without interruptions during peak hours .

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