Easter in Naples, timetables of Metro Line 1, Funiculars, Buses and Alibus

Subway 1 Line of Naples

Easter day in Naples brings with it some variations to public transport service. Subways, funiculars, elevators and surface transport will follow special timetables during these holidays.

Below are details on transport times and guaranteed slots.

Metro Line 1 of Naples, runs and suspensions at Easter

La Metro Line 1 will see one suspension of service starting from 13 pm of Easter day. The last trains will leave from Piscinola to 12 pm and from Garibaldi at 13: 00.

For those who need to travel in the afternoon, the reopening is scheduled with the first bus from Piscinola at 16 pm and from Garibaldi at 50 pm. Furthermore the second exits of the stations of Montedonzelli e Toledo II (Montecalvario) they will not be accessible.

Here is a summary of the service hours:

  • Last morning run:
    • From Piscinola: 12pm
    • From Garibaldi: 13pm
  • Afternoon reopening:
    • From Piscinola: 16pm
    • From Garibaldi: 17pm
  • Second exits closed:
    • Montedonzelli
    • Toledo II (Montecalvario)

Naples funiculars, rides and suspensions at Easter

For Easter day, also the funicular service will undergo changes. The funiculars Centrale e Montesanto they will begin their service at 07: 00, With the 'last ride scheduled for 13pm. After a pause, the afternoon reopening is set for 16 pm, with the last ride at 23pm. Otherwise, the funicular of Mergellina reduced hours will follow, operating only until 13pm without reopening in the afternoon.

Here is a summary of the service hours:

  • Central and Montesanto funicular:
    • First run: 07:00 am
    • Last morning ride: 13pm
    • Afternoon reopening: 16pm
    • Last evening run: 23 pm
  • Mergellina Funicular:
    • First run: 07:00 am
    • Last ride: 13pm
    • Afternoon closing

Lift operating hours

During Easter day, the lifts in Naples they will be available to facilitate travel, but the service it will only be active from 07:00 to 13:30.

Service hours 07:00 am - 13:30 am

Bus, Tram and Alibus

As regards the surface transport, which includes buses and trams, a temporary suspension of service is expected in the afternoon. The last race before the break it will be around 13pm, having a resumption of services expected around 16:00 pm. Otherwise, the line Alibus, essential for connecting the city with the airport and the train station, will continue to operate according to its normal hours without interruption.

  • Bus and Tram:
    • Last ride before suspension: approximately 13pm
    • Suspension of service: from 13pm to 30pm
  • Alibus:
    • Ordinary service without interruptions

Service hours of public car parks

On Easter day, i parking lots managed by the ANM in Naples will have specific opening hours for each individual facility.

Opening time:

  • Spalti and Frullone: 07: 20 - 01: 30
  • Mancini: 07: 20 - 23: 30
  • Brin and Colli Aminei: 24h
  • Chiaiano: 07: 50 - 22: 50
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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