Metro Line 1 of Naples, ticket prices rise again

Naples Metro Line 1 Ticket Office

The cards on the table change for those who move with the Metro Line 1 in Naples: from May, the Line 1 ticket it will cost more, but there is also some news that it might soften the blow.

Fortunately, the price of single-ride tickets for buses, trolleybuses, trams and funiculars remains unchanged.

Here are all the details.

The new fares of the Metro Line 1

From May 2024, in fact, boarding the Naples Metro Line 1 will cost a little more: the ticket goes from 1,30 euros to 1,50 euros.

But there is something new that could allow the most frequent travelers to save something: ticket carnets for 10 trips cost 13,50 euros, which reduces the price to €1.35 each. It will also be introduced a new ticket for tourists, the ticket from 3 days for 10,80 euros.

Booklets of 10 tickets for Metro, Bus, Tram, Funiculars and Trolleybuses

The bad news of the new surcharge on tickets is cushioned by the introduction of 10-trip carnet, that They come in two versions:

  • a dedicated booklet to the Metro (UrbanNa2) at the price of 13,50 €,
  • a booklet for buses, trolleybuses, trams and funiculars (UrbanNa1) a 11,70 €.

The 3-day ticket for all ANM vehicles

Another positive news is the 3-day ticket costs 10,80 euros without limits, one option designed mainly for tourists who want to explore Naples and its surroundings without too many worries. In fact it guarantees unlimited access by metro, buses and funiculars for 3 calendar days from the day of activation.

Warning: this means that it is best to activate the ticket in the morning, since evening activation will lead to the expiration of the first day of use at the stroke of midnight.

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