Napoli Racing Show, closed via Caracciolo and Viale Dohrn for 2 days

Castel dell'ovo in Naples on the seafront
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From The 12 14 April 2024, the streets of Naples will come alive with the highly anticipated Naples Racing Show, an event that will transform the city into an open-air stage for motoring enthusiasts. To ensure the safe conduct of the event, some routes such as via Caracciolo e avenue Dohrn will see important changes to their usual circulation.

Changes to traffic in Via Caracciolo

adapt to the needs of theNaples Racing Show, via Francesco Caracciolo will suffer big variations in its usual circulation. From the 12 14 April the stretch of road included between Piazza Vittoria and Viale Dohrn will be forbidden to vehicular transit.

In addition, cycling mobility along the same stretch he will come completely suspended.

  • Prohibition of vehicular transit: via Francesco Caracciolo, between piazza Vittoria and viale Dohrn.
  • Suspension of cycling mobility: same trait.

Changes to traffic on Viale Dohrn

During the same dates asNaples Racing Show, also avenue Dohrn you will see some important restrictions to its usual vehicular flow given that the avenue will be completely closed to traffic.

Therefore vehicles will not be able to travel along Viale Dohrn for the entire duration of the event, making the search for alternative routes.

  • Complete closure to transit: no vehicle will be able to access Viale Dohrn.

Changes to parking on Viale Dohrn

In addition to traffic restrictions, avenue Dohrn will be subject to specific limitations also with regards to break. During the days ofNaples Racing Show, will be in force on Tow Away Zone su both sides of the avenue.

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