Batò Muscio in the Gulf of Naples, start the 2015 departures

The beauties and views of Naples await all citizens aboard the Batò Muscio!

Starting from Saturday 27 June to September 13 2015, the boat Batò Muscio returns to enthrone citizens and tourists in the waters of the Gulf of Naples .

In particular, the fascinating scenic tours will take place all summer weekends and will be organized in five daily departures.

The itinerary

Throughout the summer, Neapolitans and others, will be transported in extraordinary sea trips among the breathtaking beauties of the Neapolitan coastline, passing between Mergellina, the coast Posillipo, the islet of Nisida. An evocative itinerary, this, which will lead to the discovery of Palazzo Donn'Anna, Villa Rosebery, Marechiaro, gaiola, Nisida and the Castel dell'Ovo.

For those who do not know, the original name of the boat is "Bateau Mouche", like the Parisian namesake that rides the waves of the river Seine. After the French protests, therefore, the name was changed first in Batò Musc'e and then in the current Batò Muscio to silence any other type of controversy.

And the new name could only be the most suitable since "The boat, which last year was used in the summer by thousands of Neapolitans and tourists, go slow along the coast and therefore it is actually "muscio""As explained by Carmine Attanasio, municipal councilor of the Greens.

Information on Batò Muscio

When: from 27 June 2015, every Saturday and Sunday
Where: departure from the Terminal of Mergellina - Pontile Alilauro
Schedule: 10: 45 - 12: 00 - 17: 15 - 18: 30 - 19: 45

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Written by Bruna Di Matteo
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