Belen Rodriguez, criticism for grammatical error. What happened


In today's digital landscape, any minor oversight can escalate into a far-reaching media uproar. This is what happened to the famous Argentine TV figure, Belen Rodriguez, the target of a series of criticisms due to a simple grammatical error.

What is the grammatical error made by Belen

Although Italian is not his native language, Belen he has an excellent command of it, however, from time to time, some small oversight can escape. On this occasion, a small writing error caused quite significant repercussions. A single word, misspelled, has triggered a wave of criticism.

In his last post on Instagram, where he shares some moments of his life in Milan, Belen misspelled the word “discomfort” with two “g”, thus altering the correct spelling (“disaggio”). This small linguistic inaccuracy was enough to unleash a real hornet's nest, putting Belen at the center of a whirlwind of criticism.

The reactions of the public: “You have millions and you can't speak”

The detractors of the television presenter, mother of Santiago and the little one Luna Mari, they did not save Belen with derogatory comments. “How uncomfortable having millions and not knowing how to speak” commented one user, "However, reading a good book opens your mind" suggested another, while others made fun of the situation.

Despite the storm of criticism, Belen chose not to edit his post to correct the mistake and many have come to his defense.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @belenrodriguezreal
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