Borgo in Festa 2015 in Palma Campania (NA)

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Palma Campania will host "Borgo in Festa", the festival full of entertainment, traditions, gastronomy and many surprises! Here is the program!

Music, shows, gastronomy, tradition and many entertainment, framed by the enchanted beauty of an ancient village.

This extraordinary scenario will come to life from 23 at 31 January 2015 at the Castle of Palma Campania, which will host the "Borgo in festa" initiative.

The project, organized by the Municipality and the Culture Department, presents a program full of events aimed at the discovery and exaltation of the territorio.

Specifically, the days of celebration will be divided into five main themes, dedicated to natural elements. We will go through "the ritual of fire", the "inspiring breath", the "water ritual" and "the land and the faces of the Castle" and then end with "the soul of Castello", the true essence of the review .


Each section will include many and fun activities in the name of Castellan tradition, from debates to culinary excellences, from folk dances to artistic-photographic competitions, from guided tours to flag-wavers and street artists and much more.

All embellished with the participation of famous and appreciated guests, among them, to name a few, Antonio Marotta, Roberto De Simone, Pietro Salvatore Caliendo and the well-known actor Maurizio Casagrande that will delight viewers with the theatrical performance "... and music goes around me".

Event program

23 January 2015 -FUOCO - "The ritual of Fire"

Location of the Castello - Municipal Area along Via Tribucchi

17,30 pm - Gastronomy, dances and dances - Lighting of the log
19,00 - “Popular music concert by the artist Antonio Marotta.

January 24, 2015- ARIA - "The inspiring breath"

Unwinding Spaces of the Municipal Theater Hall

17.00 Hours -Introduction of the exhibition dedicated to Pietro Salvatore Caliendo - "Il 'Gran Mago' di Castello" (Duration of the exhibition from 24 to 31 January)
17.30 Hours - "The art of Pietro Salvatore Caliendo" conference
19,00 Hours - Musical theatrical show "... and music goes around me" with Maurizio Casagrande (Municipal courtyard)

January 29, 2015 - WATER - "The rite of Water"

Location of the Castle - Piazza and Church of San Giovanni

10,30 Hours - Historical procession for the ceremony of affixing the Fountain of San Giovanni, with flag bearers, street performers, music and ancient dances.
11,30 am - "Siege" of the artists of the Academy at Borgo Castello: "Traveling performances and art attacks"
12,30 Hours - "Banquet at the Castle": traditions and gastronomy.
17,00 Hours - Music Concert - Music and Ancient Dances by Ensamble Irpinia

January 30, 2015 - TERRA - "the land and the faces of Castello"

Location of the Castle - Multipurpose center and historical center

10,30 Hours - Opening of the photographic exhibition "The land and the faces of Castello" - Multipurpose center. The artists at the Borgo: "itinerant performances and art attacks". Organization of guided tours and educational workshops.
17,30 pm - Conference: “The Castello village. Enhancement prospects "

31 January 2015 -ANIMA - "The Soul of Castle"

Unwinding spaces of the Municipal Theater Hall, courtyard and adjacent rooms

10,00 Hours - Opening of the visual arts exhibition "The representation of the soul". Inauguration of the section dedicated to the painter of Castello Andrea Caliendo and to the works participating in the artistic-photographic competition (Duration of the exhibition until Carnival)
11,00 Hours - Evaluation of the works taking part in the competition (president of the jury examining Prof. Giuseppe Leone)
12,00 Hours - Screening of videos shot by Casa Surace.
17,30 Hours - Final show with contributions from all the project participants and guests.

Information about Borgo in Festa

When: 23 from January to 31 2015
Where: Palma Campania (NA)
Schedule: between 10: 30 and 19: 00 hours
Information: official website of Borgo in Festa

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