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Capatoast, the Vomero toaster in Naples Review

Napoli's toaster, Capatoast, offers a wide variety of both sweet and savory toast, prepared with homemade bread

The image you have of a toast is that of bread in the box of large retailers, rather tasteless and dry and maybe stuffed only by a slice of cheese?

The latest news in local take-aways in Naples will certainly change your mind!

Capatoast first Italian toaster, located in via Bernini in the neighborhood Vomero of Naples, is proving a remarkable success, witness the rows of guys waiting to try his sandwiches.

The local

Capatoast is small, but is well cared for and managed by helpful and competent guys. One of the peculiarities that differentiates them from other rooms is represented by the presence of charger for smartphones and tablets free for customers and that you can use while you are waiting for your toast.

The bread

Among the attention to raw materials, some also to kilometer zero, and a wink to the flavors of overseas you can taste one multitude of toasts (more than 30!) that will surely satisfy all palates. Great importance is given to the bread that comes produced directly by the local bakers' masters and prepared in different varieties. We will find the bread with the taste of nuts and olives or even its sweet variant, to be combined with jams or creams. There is obviously, of course, the classic white bread in a box with dimensions much larger than those to which we are accustomed.

The menu

The toasts on the menu are divided into 4 categories:

  • Classic with local flavors and ingredients, such as the fiordilatte of Monti Lattari or the tomatoes of Sorrento
  • Gourmet which, on the contrary, presents more particular tastes and relies on imaginative and creative combinations such as the combination of sweet sauces and cheeses with a strong flavor
  • Special which well represents the local reinterpretation of typical American sandwiches, club toast in the first place
  • Light for those who do not want to give up the pleasure of a good toast without exaggerating with the calories
  • These salty categories also match sweet toast with preserves and sauces, both local and more particular.

Among the most original toasts on the menu, we recommend a pair that are really special. The first is theExcellent, stuffed with speck, imperial cream, acacia honey and walnuts for a unique and tasty mix.
The second is the Gourmet, with mortadella, brie cheese and the exquisite cream of pistachios from Bronte.
Two delicious sandwiches that combine sweet and savory products with an excellent result for the palate.

To know all the flavors of toast offered by local, you can download the full menu of Capatoast.


In addition to being able to view all tastes, from the menu you can also get an idea of ​​the prices of toast, which range from the 3 euro to the 6,50 euro of the club toast.

Because of the quality of the ingredients used and of the bread they are churning out and also because of the greatness and the richness of their stuffing, the quality / quantity / price ratio is good.

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