2017 Carnival in Palma Campania with the Quadrilles and the costume shows

2017 Carnival in Palma Campania with the Quadrille
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In Palma Campania, in the province of Naples, we celebrate the 2017 Carnival with the Quadriglie!

From the 4 28 2017 February il Carnival in Palma Campania, in the Neapolitan, is celebrated with the quadriglie. Unlike all the other regions of Italy that give great importance to the allegorical chariot, here we evaluate the artistic performance of masked groups who challenge each other by playing songs from the Neapolitan tradition.

The Quadriglie are folk groups made up of around a hundred people wearing costumes chosen according to the intended theme. During the parade will play instruments related to the Neapolitan tradition, handcrafted, among which we remember tamburelle, triccheballacche, putipù, scetavajasse, tangerines and cowbells.

At the center of the group appears the figure of the "Master of the quadrille" who, with his baton, will direct the execution of the Canzoniere, will establish a good relationship with the audience and with his gestural mimicry will attract the attention of the extras. The master is also the protagonist of one of the most beautiful moments of the celebrations, in fact during the "Rape of the pennant", between the master of the quadrille of the previous year and that of the current year, the passing of deliveries.

The quadrilles that will participate in the event are nine: the Friends of Pozzoromolo, 'A Livella, the Gaudenti, the MoNellì, the Scugnizzi, Sorry for the delay, the Students, Teglanum and All born history. The teams will compete against each other: the first day will be there costume show, the second the presentation of a part of the ladder through the streets of the city and for the third day the performance of all the pieces is scheduled.

At the end of the challenge a jury will award the winning quadrille. Carnival, with its quadrille, attracts many people every year from neighboring municipalities and from outside the region. So let's see what this year's program offers us.


Saturday February 4 2017

At 19: 00
Event entitled "Song" at the Palaquadriglie, via Querce

Saturday February 11 2017

At 18: 00
Rat of the pennant in Piazza De Martino
Inauguration of the Quadriglie Village in via Querce.

Sunday February 12 2017

At 20: 00
Octave of San Biagio
Event entitled "some wands ago" at the Municipal Theater

Monday February 13 2017

At 18: 00
Press conference of the jurors of the Palio 2017
At 20: 00
Events in the Village of the Quadriglie

Tuesday February 14 2017

At 21: 00
Valentine's Day, a kiss in the mask, in the Village of the Quadriglie that will dress in red

Wednesday February 15 2017

At 20: 00
Installation of a maxi screen for the Real Madrid - Naples football match at the Villaggio delle Quadrille.

Thursday February 16 2017

At 19: 30
Press conference for the presentation of jurors who will evaluate the performance of the quadrilles and assign the Palio 2017 at the Municipal Theater of Via Municipio.

Friday February 17 2017

At 21: 00
Expected an event to be defined in the Village of the Quadriglie.
The event will be broadcast on TV on Tele A, Tele A + and TV Capital, in the television program dedicated to the Quadrille entitled "Special Palmese Carnival" conducted by Angelo Martino.

Saturday February 18 2017

At 19: 30
Applying the star of the Quadriglia that won the Palio 2016. In the evening, television broadcast on the Quadrilles: "Special Carnival Palmese" broadcast on Tele A, Tele A + and TV Capital conducted by Angelo Martino.

Sunday February 19 2017

At 15: 30
First show of the Quadrilles

From the 20 25 2017 February

Tests of the songbook in the village of the Quadriglie

Sunday February 26 2017

At 15: 30
Second Quadrille parade with performances on the central stage of Piazza Mercato

Monday February 27 2017

At 19: 30
The Pass of the Quadriglie

Tuesday February 28 2017

At 15: 30
For the Shrove Tuesday carnival performance of the Canzonieri

Information on Carnival

When: from 4 to 28 February 2017, various appointments

Where: Palma Campania (NA)

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