Who is Antonio Mazzola from Masterchef 13? Wife, work, instagram

Antonio Mazzola from Masterchef 13, 2024 edition

Antonio Mazzola, 28 years old, is among the aspiring winners in MasterChef Italy 13 and he brought with him a Sicilian breath in this edition. Originally from Palermo and raised in Castelbuono, Antonio packed his bags at 19 for the Germany, where he built a career like geometry.

Now, with the clear aim of rediscovering his roots and sharing his passion for cooking, he aims to return to Sicily to start a bright future with his family.

Private life and family

Leave Sicily for Hohenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, near Munich, was an important life choice for Antonio. The distance from his homeland strengthened his desire to return, fueling his dream of building something solid for his wife Mariagiovanna and the baby Anita.

La family it is his lighthouse, the motivation that drives him to excel and experiment in the kitchen, always in search of that taste that tastes like home.

Career, what did you do before masterchef

Before putting on the apron MasterChef, Antonio he honed his technical skills by becoming a geometry in Germany. But the call of kitchen it was too strong; his ambition led him to experiment with ingredients and techniques, trying to combine geometric precision with culinary art.

That's why now, on MasterChef, he wants to demonstrate that passion and dedication can turn dreams into reality.

His dream after masterchef

The big dream of Antonio is to return to Sicilia, precisely in Cefalù as confessed to Barbieri, the land of his origins, to open a farmhouse-restaurant. He wants to create a place where the family can put down roots and where he can express all his love for cooking, perhaps taking inspiration from his idol, Chef Cannavacciuolo.

Winning MasterChef would be the trampoline of launch to realize this aspiration, combining his passion for cooking with his family life.

His Instagram page

Even before participating in Masterchef 13, Antonio loved using his Instagram page to post shots of his kitchen. Here too, therefore, he had great passion for what he loves. Subsequently, obviously, space was left to his adventures in Masterchef 13.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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