Who is Ciro Petrone, Big Brother, girlfriend, Temptation Island

Cyrus Petrone

Cyrus Petrone he is an artist who stood out for his performances as an actor, especially in the film Gomorrah, but he is also known for his famous participation in the program Temptation Island. The lights have come on him for the recent participation in Big Brother 2023/2024. Let's explore together the most important characteristics of this artist.

Career Ciro Petrone

Born in 1987, Cyrus Petrone began his career in show business as actor. The most recognized role of him is in the film Gomorrah, Directed by Matthew Garrone, taken from the homonymous novel by Roberto Saviano. This film represented a springboard for Petrone, placing him in the spotlight of Italian cinema. Her versatility was further demonstrated in 2021 when she starred in “Reality“, a film inspired by Big Brother.

Who is the fengaged Ciro Petrone: Fheather Caputo

In private life, Cyrus Petrone he linked his name to Federica Caputo, Its girlfriend. The couple attracted media attention not only for their relationship, but also for the events that occurred during Ciro's participation in Temptation Island VIP.

The escape of Ciro Petrone to Temptation Island

During his participation in Temptation Island VIP in 2019, Cyrus Petrone became the protagonist of one of the most memorable episodes in the history of Italian reality shows. No longer able to resist being away from his fiancée Federica Caputo, decided to flee from village of the program to reach her, thus demonstrating the intensity of their bond and the depth of his feelings.

This "legendary escape” has captured the attention of the public and has achieved great success on social media, making Ciro and Federica the undisputed protagonists of the season.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @ciropetrone_
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