Who is Elio Lorenzoni, Belen's new boyfriend? Photos, age, work


In the fervent universe of gossip, the arrival of new figures alongside already established celebrities inevitably generates a stir. Recently, Belen Rodriguez, showgirl and Argentine presenter with a great following, catalysed the media's attention with a series of photos on Instagram.

With her is the now much talked about Elio Lorenzoni, entrepreneur in automotive industry and name unaffiliated with show business. The presence of a 10-year-old image among the shared photos raises questions: who is Lorenzoni really in Rodriguez's life? An old friend or a new flame?

Belen has formalized the engagement with Elio

On 30 August 2023, Belen seems to have decided to introduce her boyfriend Elio to the world. In a post on Instagram he posted photos of her where he is next to her Elio Lorenzoni, a personality in the automotive field and definitely foreign to show business, unlike the former companions of the presenter.

The intriguing look is the presence of aimage dating back to 10 years ago, an element that has fueled speculation and questions. The caption accompanying the series of photos, which reads “1,2,3 go wild. Last photo 10 years ago…” opens the doors to multiple interpretations. Elio Lorenzoni is not a casual presence in the life of Belen Rodriguez; the two have one knowledge that extends for at least a decade.

The question that arises spontaneously: this archival photography it's just there celebration of a long-standing friendship or hide something more complex? It is a'opportunity to remember or is it a hint of a deeper relationship?

Who is ecthe job does Elio Lorenzoni do?

Elio Lorenzoni it's a businessman from Bergamo, completed his education in economics and business administration at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart from Milan. Has one passion for golf and E-bikes, and serves as president of Lorenzmotors and manager of Lorenzoni Srl, companies that focus on engines, accessories and components globally.

Although some rumors, published on the instagram profile of Deianeira Marzano they claim that Lorenzoni could be from a town in the province of Brescia and not Bergamo and that the family has a Piaggio shop. Looking for his official website (lorenzoni.it), it should be of Bedizzole (Brescia).

How old is Lorenzoni?

Elio Lorenzoni, originating from Bergamo, has about 40 years. A character not yet well known to the general public, but which seems to have won the interest of the famous showgirl.

instagram @eliolorenzoni

Elio Lorenzoni Instagram profile

The alleged boyfriend of Belen has a private Instagram profile in which nothing is possible except his profile picture. While his profile Analysis has been removed or hidden.

LinkedIn profile photo

How did he know Belen?

Belen e Elio they are not two strangers. In fact, their knowledge dates back to the period in which Belen was related to Antonino Spinalbese, father of her daughter Luna Mari. At the time, according to reports from Deianeira Marzano, there was already a solid bond of friendship between Belen e Elio, before the showgirl decided to embark on a relationship with the former Big Brother Vip competitor. Recently, it has been noticed that Belen started following Elio Lorenzoni on Instagram, further fueling rumors of their possible relationship.

Helium and Belen together with the party of Ignazio Moser

Recent reports from gossip pundits reveal that Belen e Elio they shared time together during the birthday party of Ignatius Moser, companion of the sister of Belen, Cecilia Rodríguez. An event that inevitably fueled rumors about their possible relationship, especially considering the absence of Stephen DeMartino at the event. In fact, the former dancer was busy in Naples for the presentation of the Rai Palinsesti. Meanwhile, the first sightings of Elio e Belen together, reinforcing the hypothesis that they could be the new couple of summer 2023.

The photos of Elio e Belen

The weekly About has recently revealed the existence of a crisis between the Argentine showgirl Belen Rodriguez e Stephen DeMartino. The confirmation came through the photographs they show Belen in the company of Elio Lorenzoni, an entrepreneur from Brescia.

weekly Who

The pictures were taken during the party Ignatius Moser, where the two appear intimate and accomplice. Lorenzoni seems to be the new flame of Belen, replacing De Martino. The couple was seen very affectionate during the party, exchanging hugs and tender looks.

At the end of the day, Belen and Luna Marì got into Lorenzoni's car, with whom they were to spend the night.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @belenrodriguezreal + @eliolorenzoni
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