Who is Gerry Scotti: bio, successes, career and curiosities about the conductor

Who is Gerry Scotti

Gerry Scottic it doesn't need big introductions. We are indeed talking about a famous and well-known Italian conductor considered, mostly, an icon of the show. At the head of numerous programs, he has never been talked about in terms of his private life.

What do we know about him? Let's get to know him more closely.

Gerry Scotti, the biography

Gerry Scottic was born with the name of Virginio Scotti, on August 7, 1956 in Camporinaldo, a province of Pavia. His dad was by profession a worker at the rotary presses of Il Corriere della Sera, while his mother always took care of him and the house. When he was just a child, his family did transfers in Milan, where Gerry continues his schooling.

Si diploma at the classical high school and then continue to the University following the degree course in Law. Unfortunately though, he will decide to discontinue studies without obtaining the title. Shortly thereafter, he began working in the radio, starting one career amazing.

Work and career

As just mentioned, the career by Gerry Scotti starts in radio and at first finds employment at Radio Hinterland Milano2 to then change in the early seventies a Radio Milan International. In 1982 he moved to radio Deejay after receiving a call from Claudio Cecchetto. It will be thanks to him that he will land in television, in particular a Deejay Television.

From that moment they come to him assigned hit TV shows, and more specifically quizzes. He arrives at Mediaset and will never leave this network, so much so that he is considered by the top management as a character prominent and very successful.

His debut in television dates back to 1983 and hasn't stopped since. During the very first years, Gerry specialized mostly in music programs and in 1987 he hosts the famous program candid camera. In September of 1990 substitute Raimondo Vianello ne The game of 9 and it will remain there until 1992 when the format passes on Itali1.

Viewers remember him in different programs, but what made him one of conductors most loved was in the early evening Word of mouth, where he will remain helmsman from 1995 to 2008. In 2000 and 2001 he leads Who wants to be a billionaire which will then assume the title of Who wants to Be a Millionaire (2002/2011 – 2018/2020). Furthermore, he inherited from a great and beloved conductor a prominent program in those years, namely Bullfighting, initially presented by Corrado. It was the years 2002/2009.

Since 2015 we see it at boss di Free fall and for a long time now he has also sat behind the counter of the most famous satirical news in Italy, that of Strip the news.

What are the most famous programs hosted by Gerry Scotti

Gerry Scotti has a career full of satisfactions and successes behind him. Below you will find the programs most famous that he conducted.

  • festival bar;
  • word of mouth;
  • The Quizzone;
  • Do you know the latest?
  • Strip the news;
  • Who Wants to Be a Billionaire and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire;
  • Paperissima;
  • Bullfighting;
  • The Show of Records;
  • I sing;
  • Free fall;
  • The Wall;
  • The Money drop.

The acting career

Gerry Scotti is a multifaceted artist so much so that he dedicated himself for a period of time to television as an actor. Let's see where we saw it.

  • The traffic policeman (1989);
  • The Neighbors (1991);
  • Finally alone (from 1999 to 2004);
  • Movies: My friend Santa Claus 1 and 2 (2005-2006);
  • High Schoolers 3 (2011).

Other activities

As reiterated several times, Gerry Scotti has a career full of roles covered and if among the most remembered are those of conductor and actor, he also played organisers' activities radio, voice actor, politics and as an advertising testimonial.

How to dubber we hear his voice in the video game Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?in paperissimain Toy Story 3in Here the paw and many others. As for the spot advertisements appeared in Rice Scotti, parmacotto, Omnitel, Nutella, Edison, Bourbon coffee e groping.

Finally, regarding the political career, in 1987 during the political elections, he was a candidate among the ranks of the Italian Socialist Party which at that time was led by Bettino Craxi and was eventually elected deputy. His mandate ended in April 1992.

On many occasions, he has stated that these five years in politics have been an experience for him negative and who have done nothing to enrich his cultural and personal baggage.

Private life of Gerry Scotti

Despite his fame and popularity, Gerry Scotti has never liked to talk about his private life. In fact, in that sense it is very private. However, we know that in 1991 she married Patricia Grasso and their marriage lasted until 2002. Their only son, Edoardo, was also born from their union. In 2009 the couple announced their official divorce and Scotti remembers it as the worst moment of his life.

After several years in solitude and where the conductor has dedicated himself entirely to work and to his son, he meets his current partner who responds to the name of Gabriella Perino, a famous and respected architect. Their first meeting takes place thanks to the children who brought them together. In fact, both were divorced and free from commitments. To this day they are still together.

Gerry Scotti is grandpa of two wonderful children named Virginia and Pietro.

Curiosity about Gerry Scotti

Whole pages would not be enough to talk about the well-known conductor Gerry Scotti, but so far we have tried to summarize some important information about him. Below you will find some curiosity that few know.

  • He said he was born on the kitchen table in his parents' country house;
  • He revealed that one of the most important things in his life was buying his parents a house;
  • His annual "salary" places him at the top of the list of highest-earning conductors;
  • Mike Buongiorno considered him as his heir in the field of Italian television;
  • He has many nicknames.

Social profiles of Gerry Scotti

In addition to being a conductor with a capital C, Gerry Scotti is also very active on social. Below you will find the link directed to its official profiles.

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