Who is the presenter Alessia Marcuzzi, children, career and curiosity

Who is Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcozzi we know her for having held numerous roles on the Italian small screen. In fact, we are talking about a famous presenter, model, valet and showgirl. But what do we know about her? Let's get to know her better.

Alessia Marcuzzi, the biography

Alessia Marcozzi, born in Rome, was born on 11 November 1972 to father Eugenio and mother Antonietta. The family has always lived in our capital where Alessia attends the Linguistic High School, where she obtains the diploma. After completing his schooling, he did not embark on a university career, but enrolled at the Mario Riva school where he followed courses in acting and diction.

Of his past we don't have much information also because she herself has never spoken about it on any occasion.

Career of Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcozzi debuts on television when she was just a kid and she's come a long way since then. Hers His debut takes place in Telemontecarlo and in the issuer he covers the role of valet of a football program. In 1994 she manages to land in Rai where she will be the correspondent of a program hosted by Gigi Sabani.

In those same years it will pass to the competing network, a Mediaset, and leads several editions of festival bar aired on Italia1 and ran in the year 1996. In 1998 and 2000 he threw himself into some services photographers without veils and in the first year it will appear in Max magazine, while in the second in Panorama.

From 2006 to 2015 we see it wheelhouse in prime time of the famous reality show Big Brother and starting from 2016 he will be at the head of another very popular format, namely The Island of the Famous. In connection with Honduras it will remain there until 2019, but we cannot forget the role of Hyena in the program Reservoir Dogs.

Marcuzzi, as mentioned above, was also a great one attrice and we saw it in the cinema in 1999 in the film entitled All the moron's men, but we can also trace it back to famous TV series including Carabinieri e Così fan tutte. In the latter we will remain until 2012 and it will be her last experience as an actress.

As regards the programs television, the last one in which he took part was in 2019 the vip version of Temptation island and in this period he also abandoned the helm of The Island of the Famous. In any case, Alessia Marcuzzi with only 30 years of career boasts of 45 television programs conducted.

Abandonment to Mediaset

Marcuzzi made her debut in Rai, but after a short time she landed in the Mediaset house and remained there until 2021. To be precise, on June 30, through a post on Instagram she announced her abandonment from the television. In fact, she took a sabbatical year in which she could reflect on her career. The reason why she would have left the company where she grew up, seems to be related to her gods I disagreed born with the top. She returned in 2023 with a program of her own on Rai2 entitled Boomer which has been a good success.

Private life of Alessia Marcuzzi

With regard to the vita privata by Alessia Marcuzzi, we know that many years ago she had a relationship with the footballer Simone Inzaghi from which his first son Tommaso was born. However, the relationship lasts a few years and later she begins a romance with the former Chelsea goalkeeper, Carlo Cudicini. Their love story lasts five years and in the end their paths are divided.

In the years to come, Marcuzzi has several liaisons, including the one with Pietro Sermonti (actor of the fiction A doctor in the family) and the one with the singer and conductor Francesco Facchinetti, with whom he had his second daughter, Mia. In 2014 she got married to Paolo Calabresi Marconi, a famous and important producer and entrepreneur active in the world of television.

La ceremony it had taken place in Great Britain, where the couple lived and Alessia herself had described this love as important and mature. For her it meant becoming aware of the value of feeling. However, in January 2023, the showgirl announces the maintenance of marriage and to date it is rumored that it is linked to the dancer Jody Proietti, but nothing is official yet.

Curiosity about Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcuzzi has been present on the Italian screen for many years and there are millions fan who have grown fond of her and her character. What we have told you is something about her on her behalf, but below we see some Curiosity.

  • She is the voice actress of the character Neera from the Disney-branded film, Dinosaurs;
  • She is nicknamed La Pinella and derives from her great passion for burraco;
  • Elena Santarelli is one of her best friends;
  • Her real hair color is red.

Social profiles of Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcuzzi is a famous TV presenter and fans were very disappointed when she announced her temporary retirement from the scene. However, she has always shared with them the most important moments about her social. Indeed, she is very active in the virtual world. Let's find out together link directed to his social profiles.

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