Who is Mirko Brunetti, his relationship with Perla and Greta and reality shows

Mirko Brunetti of Temptation Island 2023

If there is a name in recent days that is hit the headlines, which has invaded television living rooms and conversations on the web, is undoubtedly that of Mirko Brunetti. This young man, catapulted into the media spotlight thanks to his participation in the 2023 edition of Temptation Island, has become an unexpected but unforgettable protagonist of pop culture.

However, the question arises spontaneously: who really is Mirko Brunetti?

Where and when he was born

Mirko Brunetti is originally from Rieti, a city that not only saw its first steps, but also helped shape the person it is today. Born in 1997, Mirko can look back on a life path which, despite still being in an initial phase, already has its roots firmly anchored in the Rieti context.

What Mirko Brunetti does for a living

Contrary to what one might think, considering his recent television fame, Mirko is not a face known exclusively for his romantic affairs. Professional in his field, Mirko is in fact an essential element in the working fabric of the family pizzeria chain known as Anatham.

Far from being a simple pizza chef, his working life reflects one deep passion for the culinary art and a strong sense of dedication to the family business.

His relationship with Perla Vatiero

Before his entry into the world of entertainment, Mirko was already known in certain circles for his love story with Perla Vatiero. Originally from Salerno, Perla decided to leave her city and move to Rieti to build a life with Mirko. A drastic and at the same time romantic choice, which testifies to the intensity of their bond.

Participation in Temptation Island

When Mirko and Pearl have chosen to participate in the 2023 edition of Temptation island, no one could have predicted that that choice would mark a such a decisive turning point in their relationship. The experience on the reality show put their love to the test, giving rise to complex and shocking dynamics.

The breakup with Perla

During one of the most watched episodes of the programme, Mirko requested a confrontation bonfire. A moment that definitively marked the end of their relationship. The decision, unexpected but irrevocable, opened a new phase in love life of both.

The beginning of the relationship with Greta

Immediately after the conclusion of the television adventure, Mirko began a new relationship with a participant of the program, Greta. A new beginning, which seems to have solid foundations, to the point that the two have already decided to share a couple tattoo, symbol of their strong bond.

The entrance into the Big Brother house

During the 2023/2024 edition of Big Brother, Mirko entered as a competitor together with Giampiero Mughini on 16 October 2023. This is not a first entry, given that the young man enters after the competition has already begun.

Unlike Mughini his participation had not been announced, even if several rumors in the previous days had practically taken it for granted.

How to find it on Instagram

For all those interested in following Mirko's future adventures, the young man is active on Instagram with a private profile, identifiable by his username @mirkobrunetti_.

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