Who is Niccolò Califano from Masterchef 13? Girlfriend and career

Niccolò from MasterChef 13

Here it is, Niccolo Califano, an explosive mix between medicine and cooking which is making waves in MasterChef 13. This boy, with his toga of fresh graduate and the chef's apron, is proving that you can excel in completely different fields. But let's find out in detail, as much as possible, who Niccolò really is.

Private life of Niccolò

Niccolò it has roots German but he is deeply linked to his Ravenna, where he built his life after his parents' separation. The school, then the university and finally the medicine, Niccolò has always had his objectives clear.

But don't be fooled by its apparent seriousness: the kitchen it is his true battlefield, where he gives free rein to the creativity that the rigid medical school tried to confine.

Does Niccolò from MasterChef 13 have a girlfriend?

Yes, the heart of Niccolò beats hard a girl named Ludovica. One of his dishes, in fact, takes the name of “Ludi”, here he has become his girlfriend inspiring muse of those recipes that enchanted the judges of MasterChef.

They were six difficult years, in which I felt forced and now I needed to escape. When she ate it she smiled the most beautiful smile

During the episode of the 22 February 2024, however, Niccolò confides to chef Cannavacciuolo that his love story seems to be over. Then Niccolò should be single at the moment.

What kind of work did Niccolò do?

Before I put on my chef's hat on TV, Niccolò he had recently finished his studies in medicine. This experience provided him with another perspective on life, enriching his personal and professional background, and demonstrating that patient care and preparing a dish can share the same dedication.

His Instagram profile

Il Instagram profile di Niccolò has a significant number of followers, but was already active before the program started. Now the page is full of episodes behind the stove, but in the past still treading the stage MasterChef, Niccolò used this space to share his passion, attracting the attention of those seeking inspiration among scalpels and pots.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: masterchef.sky.it
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