Who is Sara Bellinzona from Masterchef 13. Boyfriend and work


Sara Bellinzona, 24 years old, is among the aspiring winners of MasterChef 13. From Montalto Pavese, brings with it not only the pride of its Pavia roots, but also a wealth of studies and experiences that distinguish it.

He currently works in a chocolate company, but he dreams of opening one one day farmhouse-restaurant where he mixes his entrepreneurial talent with his love of cooking. It's his big bet, a goal that tells of his desire to get involved and make his dreams come true.

Private life

Raised in one family who owns a company wine, Sara he always knew what his future would be linked to taste and flavours.

After attending the chemistry school and completed specialized courses like that ONAV for tasters, she threw herself headlong into her studies, earning two degrees: one in gastronomic sciences and the other in management of agri-food businesses. The kitchen, especially the confectionery, has become his world, a universe in which he expresses all his talent.

Is Sara from MasterChef engaged?

Yup, Sara she is engaged and her partner's name is Andrea, a boy who supports her in all her adventures. He is her firm point, the one who encourages her to overcome her shyness and chase her dreams without fear of her. Their story is a fundamental piece in Sara's life, a source of strength and motivation to face every challenge.

Studies and career

The path of Sara it is an example of determination and passion. From the chemistry to gastronomy, has built a career that today sees her as a protagonist in a chocolate manufacturing company. But her dream goes further: to open a farmhouse-restaurant where he can express his culinary creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

It is a vision that pushes her every day to give the best of herself, aware that every small step can bring her closer to achieving her goal.

Instagram profile

On his Instagram profile, Sara shares his daily life, made up of work, study, and of course, cooking. It is a space where the passion for food becomes the protagonist, between photos of impeccable desserts and shots that tell the story of her experience MasterChef.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: Sara's IG MasterChef profile
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