Who saw it, Resinovich's husband speaks, the cases of February 14th

Federica Sciarelli

"Who has seen?" she returns to illuminate the unsolved mysteries and the stories that have left a mark. This evening, February 14th, at 21.20pm on Rai 3, an in-depth episode awaits us on issues that keep many on tenterhooks. He will be the center of attention the case of Liliana Resinovich, a story that has never ceased to be talked about and which sees new developments emerge under the spotlight of the program.

The case of Liliana Resinovich

Tonight “Who saw it?” takes us back to the heart of the mystery that surrounds Liliana Resinovich, whose disappearance in December 2021 shocked everyone.
But tonight there is something new: Sebastiano Visintin, Liliana's husband, will sit in front of the for the first time cameras with Federica Sciarelli. It will be an important moment, because together they will try to untangle the web of questions and doubts that still surrounds Liliana's disappearance. A comparison that promises to be full of emotions and perhaps, who knows, some new leads to follow.

The disappearance of Philip Rogosky

The program will also delve into the history of Philip Rogosky, the well-known film manager disappeared in Rome in somewhat enigmatic circumstances. Left the house for a trivial reason, that of throwing away the rubbish, Philip never returned. A sudden absence that mobilized family, friends and colleagues in a frantic search, but so far without success. He was last seen on the morning of January 26th and the discovery of his trousers in via Flamini it only adds further questions to an already complex case.

The story of Roberta Bertacchi

Finally, the episode touches on a case that deeply affected the community of Casarano, in the province of Lecce. Roberta Bertacchi, a young woman only 26 years old, was found lifeless on the balcony of his house, a cold morning on January 6th. The scene that presented itself to the rescuers was as tragic as it was mysterious, with the scarf of Roberta's favorite team tightened around her neck. Roberta's mother will be in the studio asking for help and looking for answers, in the hope that someone may have seen or heard something that fateful night.

Where to watch Who has seen it and what time does it air

The episode of “Who saw it?” this evening, full of intricate cases and heart-touching stories, is unmissable. For those who want to follow the investigations and emotions of this evening live, the appointment is at 21.20 on Rai 3. But it doesn't end there: for those who prefer the flexibility of streaming, the episode will also be available on RaiPlay, both live and on demand. This allows everyone to participate, regardless of tonight's commitment, offering an extra chance not to miss even a minute of this collective investigation.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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