Who are Mirko and Perla from Temptation Island. Surnames, work, instagram


The 2023 edition of Temptation island it has come to an end. during this year Mirko Brunetti e Pearl Vatiero have gained considerable attention. There pair, who lived together in Rieti, went into crisis above all for the transfer of Perla from Salerno to the city of Mirko which raised doubts about their relationship, since the girl had to leave her family and completely change your lifestyle.

Age and work of Mirko and Perla

Mirko and of 26 years while Pearl he has it 25. He works in the family pizzeria of the Anatham chain, while she has a E-commerce (Perlytas). Coming from different regions of Italy, Perla is native to Salerno while Mirko grew up at Rieti. The latter is the city that Perla has decided to call home, to pursue love with Mirko.

The story of the couple

The narrative of love between Pearl e Mirko originates from five years ago, a sentimental journey that has led to numerous changes. Moved by love for Mirko, Pearl has taken the big step of abandoning his hometown, Salerno, to settle a Rieti. Despite the enormous sacrifice of moving away from his roots, family and friends at the moment Pearl she is induced to ponder her life decisions, as she does not feel totally satisfied.

From another point of view, Mirko, who works in the family pizzeria chain, has always shown his readiness to face any difficulty for the well-being of their sentimental bond.

Instagram profiles of the couple

As for their social media presence, they both have private instagram profiles.

Mirko: @mirkobrunetti_
Pearl: @perla_vatiero

Mirko and Perla broke up on Temptation Island

Mirko and Perla break up

During the episode of the 24 July 2023, Mirko requested a confrontation bonfire with Pearl. The two agreed to leave the singles program. In reality, the choice was mainly Mirko's who, in fact, left the reality show with the Greta singles. Here we delve into their breakup.

Mirko and Perla, after a month, are they back together?

Mirko e Pearl have officially left. After the end of their story, Mirko started a new relationship with Greta, with whom he declared himself in love and even shared a couple tattoo. He has enthusiasm for the future with her and outlined common dreams.

Pearl, disappointed by Mirko for not speaking up in person has made transformations in her life and emphasizes the importance of courage in taking what one wants. She is in a not too serious relationship with Igor, but when he appears, both express a desire to continue knowing each other, and Pearl hope for serenity in their relationship. Filippo, the host, welcomes the boys individually, pointing out that Mirko e Pearl they are not back together.

The photos of Mirko and Greta

Super in love and happy, Greta and Mirko made their debut on Instagram publishing the first one carousel with theirs photo in which they prove to be super close-knit. Mirko is over his relationship with Perla.

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