How is Kate Middleton and what illness does she have? All information

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton He does not feel good. Speculations had already anticipated that something was wrong, but few expected such news. The Duchess confessed to having a cancer.

Kate Middleton has cancer

Updates: March 22

Unfortunately Kate Middleton has officially declared, on video, that she has the cancer. The Duchess claimed to have discovered this following the operation carried out in January and will have to undergo one chemotherapy preventative. The type has not been declared, but recent sources say that the duchess has undergone an ileostomy, usually an operation to fight cancer of the small intestine and requires its removal.

Kate Middleton goes shopping with William, first public outing

Updates: March 19

Kate Middleton and William were seen doing the expenditure at a local produce store near their home in Windsor. The people present there described Kate as happy, calm and fit.

The release was the first after various speculations about his health, fueled by a doctored photo released recently. He was wearing sportswear, proving that he is well.

Has Kate Middleton had an ileostomy?

Updates: March 18th

Kate Middleton suffered an ileostomy? These are the new hypotheses regarding the operation undergone by the Duchess. This would be a delicate operation that involves diverting the small intestine towards an opening in the abdomen to facilitate the expulsion of feces.

The news, originally disclosed by American blogger Jessica Reed Kraus, known for her celebrity scoops, was confirmed by other reliable sources, including lawyer Jane Barr.

The intervention would have been necessary following a intestinal perforation, requiring a period of convalescence of approximately 12 weeks.

The rumors gain credibility considering the hospitalization of Middleton at the London Clinic, where the renowned surgeon operates John nichols, specialist in surgery of rectal colon.

What health problem does Kate Middleton have?

La Princess of Wales had to face a abdominal surgery at the beginning of the year, precisely in January. Specific details about the operation were not disclosedi, but it was made clear that it was not a serious condition. His recovery period has naturally curtailed his public appearances, leaving fans and media to speculate on the nature of his absence.

How is Kate Middleton now?

At the moment, Kate Middleton he is proceeding with his recovery. Although precise details about the current state of his health remain confidential, the statement from Kensington Palace indicates that the Princess is in the process of healing and is taking the time necessary to fully recover.

The first photo of his return

A photo published by TMZ marked the first appearance of Kate Middleton after the operation, showing her in a car with her mother, Carole Middleton. While the photo hasn't been officially released in the UK, it gave supporters a long-awaited visual confirmation that Princess he's actually better. This shot was greeted with relief and joy by fans around the world, eager to see their beloved member of the royal family return to public life in full form.


Official statements

Kensington Palace released a statement to allay concerns and speculation, emphasizing the desire to Kate to maintain their own privacy. In the statement, he expresses himself gratitude for the public interest but the importance is underlined to respect confidentiality of the Princess' personal medical information and the well-being of her family.

Although not entering the details specific to your medical condition or recovery process, the palace confirmed the commitment of the Princess of Wales to resume his official duties as soon as possible.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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