Domenica In, previews and guests of March 10th

Mara Venier on Domenica In

With the weekend also comes the usual appointment with Sunday In. Also for the 10 March 2024, Mara Venier has prepared an incredibly intense program that promises to keep us company in the afternoon of Rai Uno with one thousand emotions. Music and television at the center of everything, with guests of international importance such as the highly anticipated Roberto Vecchioni.

Domenica In celebrates music, from the seventies to today

Fans of Sunday In they know it very well: there is no episode that Mara Venier does not dedicate, in large part, to both the Italian and international musical panorama. Even on Sunday March 10 2024 things will go just like this with excellent guests and performances thanks to which we will relive all the beauty that he left us there music from the seventies to the 2000s. Guests of the caliber of will arrive in the studio Bobby Solo, Tony Dallara, Sandro Giacobbe, Maurizio Vandelli, Marco Ferradini, Pierdavide Carone, Nino Buonocore, Pino Strabioli, Tiziana Rivale and Jalisse.

It will also be time for music at the end of the episode on Sunday 10 March thanks to the presence of the great Roberto Vecchioni, icon and symbol of Italian music in the world who will involve us with a long and heartfelt interview. Maninni will come to talk about his incredible experience with the Festival of Sanremo. Speaking of Festivals, Mara Venier will also host Alketa Vejsiu, the singer from Albania who in 2020 supported Amadeus in hosting the Sanremo event.

Laura Morante guest of Mara Venier for an unmissable interview

Large space, right in the heart of Sunday In, for television and art in general. In fact, he will arrive in the studio Laura Morante who will tell us about a new film about the life of the great Alda Merini in which she is the protagonist, entitled "Fools of Love". Film, among other things highly anticipated, which will debut on next March 14th in the prime time of Rai Uno.

Mara Venier he will therefore connect with Alberto Matano, very ready for the conduct of the highly anticipated event Oscar night 2024 which will be aired right now Sunday 10 March 2024, on Rai Uno, starting at approximately 23pm.

All the ingredients for an exciting episode are there. We remind you that the appointment with Mara Venier will be for Sunday 10 March 2024, on Rai Uno, starting at 14 pm.

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