Domenica In, previews and guests of March 3rd: D'Urso arrives!

Fans of Sunday In are you ready for one of the most anticipated episodes of the season? So make yourselves comfortable because Mara VenierThis time it really hit the spot! Everyone has been talking about it for days: after months and months of silence, Barbara D'Urso has decided to break the silence and return to interact with the public and, to do so, he chose the studio of Sunday In. But she won't be the only one to animate the long afternoon on Rai Uno March 3 2024. Ready to find out more? Follow us, we are about to reveal everything to you!

Barbara D'Urso guest at Sunday In the 3 March 2024

Interview with 360 great for Barbara D'Urso who, after months of being away from the television screen, will return to the joy of the millions of viewers who have felt, and still miss him. For D'Urso and also for Mara Venier it will be strong emotions! Topic for discussion it will certainly be the abrupt stop to his presence in Mediaset desired by the leaders of Biscione, but not only. Space for future projects and, of course, lots of tidbits about private life!

Lolita Ranieri and Alessandro Cattelan guests of Mara Venier

Like every week, also in this episode of Sunday In ample space will be given to the fiction and programs which, at the moment, are making history on the Rai networks. The actress will arrive in the studio as a guest Luisa Ranieri which will open in a 360 degree interview on the new experience with the third season of “The investigations of Lolita Lobosco”.

But not only! Alessandro cattelan will come to talk to us about his emotions, his life and his career as well as “Cattelan is here tonight”, starting in the late evening on Rai 2 since last February 28, 2024.

“La ciantona”, Michele Guardì talks about his book

A Sunday In there will also be ample space for a true icon of Italian television. We're talking about the director Michele Guardì who, right from Mara Venier, will present to viewers his latest book, entitled “The slob”. We will have the opportunity to learn more about the events that gave rise to this mystery novel which, to date, is among the most anticipated of 2024.

The reasons? They are easily understood from the first words that can be read in the book and which we report below. What do you think?

In the village of Castroianni, time passes slowly and without tears, without changes. So much so that what happened in the 1950s can easily overlap with what happens today. Especially if an author starts playing with the lives of his characters and the plots of his novels, ending up confusing all the plans: the characters mix, the environments repeat themselves, the plots intertwine.

Precisely in conjunction with the presence of Michele Guardì in the studio, they will arrive some important friends to show all their affection and their admiration. In short, an episode that promises to be full of twists and turns. The appointment, like every week, is for tomorrow, come on Rai Uno, starting at 14pm.

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