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Also to Napoli it is possible to savor delicious sushi and other delicacies from the kitchen Japanese in the numerous restaurants specialized. We have one available wide range of Japanese restaurants, from the places they offer high quality products and adequate prices, to those that guarantee a good quality/price ratio without making you regret the choice.

Some restaurants offer revisited and fusion dishes, while others offer the “All you can eat” formula, both at lunch and dinner. In addition, there are also small sushi bars with take away service.

Here is a list of 5 Japanese restaurants where to taste the best sushi in Naples:

Hachi Japanese Restaurant

Hachi Japanese Restaurant in Naples it is the perfect choice for lovers of sushi and Japanese cuisine. The many positive reviews from TripAdvisor users highlight different aspects of this restaurant.

First, the ingredients used are fresh and high quality, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience. The menu offers both dishes traditional Japanese is innovative creations, satisfying both traditionalist and more adventurous palates. Among the most popular courses are the Gyoza, uramaki “Samba rolls”, the Dundee rolls and Honey rolls.

Il post-sales service offered by Hachi is impeccable, with a helpful and friendly staff that demonstrates great attention to customers. In particular, some users praise the waiter Giorgio for his never intrusive sympathy and his care towards customers.

Also 'technology of the restaurant is noteworthy: the location is accurate in design and cleanliness, offering a pleasant and comfortable experience to visitors. The report quality / price it's great, making Hachi a winning choice for an evening of Japanese cuisine in Naples.

Address: Via Luca Giordano 33 In Front Of The Diana Theater, 80127, Naples

Reiwa Sushi Naples

Reiwa Sushi it is the ideal place for fans of sushi and fusion cuisine. Rave reviews from TripAdvisor users highlight several reasons to choose this restaurant.

First, the quality of food it is excellent, with fresh and refined ingredients. The dishes offered are prepared with care and dedication, as demonstrated by the menu proposals and the well-balanced combinations. Among the most popular dishes, the vegetable and shrimp tempura with almonds.

THEtechnology of the restaurant is intimate and welcoming, with an attention to detail that makes it pleasant and refined. The owner Marina is particularly praised for her passion and professionalism, helping to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Lo Chef Romerson it is known for its fine craftsmanship, while the wait staff is knowledgeable and welcoming, offering an intriguing and high-level dining experience. The wine list is excellent and completes the offer of this delightful little restaurant.

Il tale is considered more than reasonable for the quality of the sushi offered, making Reiwa Sushi an unmissable choice for those looking for an unforgettable sensory experience in Naples.

Address: Via Michelangelo Schipa, 40, 80122, Naples

Mame Ostrichina

Mame Ostrichina is a delightful Japanese restaurant in Naples, widely appreciated for its excellent offer of sushi and vegan dishes. TripAdvisor user reviews highlight several qualities that make this place an excellent choice.

First of all, the quality of the raw material used is of the highest level, guaranteeing well-finished dishes with an exalted taste. The full menu offers a selection of vegan sushi, a rarity that sets it apart from many other restaurants.

Il post-sales service it is very popular, with kind, helpful and professional staff, and Mrs. Monica, who proposes various reinterpretations of the dishes, is particularly praised. L'welcome andtechnology are other strengths of the place, described as clean, welcoming and tastefully decorated.

A distinctive feature of Mame Ostrichina is the presence of a beautiful art gallery inside the room, which helps to create a unique and refined atmosphere.

Il price it is considered in line with the quality and quantity of the dishes offered, making Mame Ostrichina a recommended restaurant for those looking for a high-level culinary experience in Naples.

Address: Via Carlo de Cesare 52, 80132, Naples

'O Sushi

'O Sushi is a sushi restaurant in Naples that is highly appreciated for its quality , presentation of the dishes. Customers praise the freshness , softness of courses, emphasizing that the quality is superior to all-you-can-eat.

Among recent reviews, one user describes the sushi as “very good,” ranging from classic to more elaborate pieces. Another user praises the freshness of the courses and the airy environment of the place. The Windows it is mentioned as the restaurant's main dish, with one reviewer stating that he has never tasted a better recipe in and around Naples.

Despite some criticisms regarding the speed of service, many customers appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, and highly recommend the restaurant for its ottima qualità e pleasant atmosphere.

Address: Via Francesco Cilea 203/207, 80127, Naples

J Contemporary

J Contemporary Japanese Restaurant is a refined Japanese restaurant in Naples, awarded with the Travelers' Choice 2022 and mentioned in Michelin guide. The restaurant offers a lunch and dinner experience in an elegant and minimalist atmosphere, with soft lighting and accurate furnishings. Upon entry, customers can enjoy delicious cocktails at the counter.

Customer reviews point out theexcellent quality of the sushi, praising the sophisticated presentation of the dishes and the courteous service. One reviewer describes the atmosphere as “hushed and extremely elegant,” while another says he had a top-notch experience on his first visit to a Japanese restaurant. Drinks, including non-alcoholic ones, are complimented on their quality and creativity.

Despite some less positive reviews regarding the post-sales service, the majority of customers praise the professionalism and attentiveness of the staff. The place is described as "super cozy” and international design, making visitors feel as if they were in a great European capital.

Some reviews highlight slightly higher prices average, but many customers find that the cost is justified by the quality of the food and the overall experience.

Address: Via Agostino Depretis 24, 80133, Naples

all the information in this article is based on the restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor

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