Escher on show at the Naples PAN: the works of a visionary genius and his artistic heirs

Escher exhibition at the PAN of Naples

The PAN - Palazzo delle Arti in Naples is ready to host the exhibition on Escher, with the works of the Dutch artistic genius and his natural successors.

Update: the exhibition has been extended until the 5 May.


From 1 November 2018 al 22th April 5 May 2019PAN - Palace of the Arts di Napoli will host the exhibition on Escher. The Dutch genius will be the main protagonist of over five months under the banner of numerous works of art with a strong geometric and mathematical imprint.

Mauritz Escher he was a source of inspiration for many artists considered his heirs, as well as an example for the production of records, comics, commercials, cinematographic works. Lovers will be able to admire over 200 works set up in a clear temporal order, up to our contemporary era.

La exhibition on Escher at the famous museum of via dei Mille is organized by Arthemisia group together with MC Escher Foundation, with the extraordinary collaboration of Mark Veldhuysen e Federico Giudiceandrea. All with the patronage ofCouncilorship for Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Naples. You will also be able to access various discounts and discounts on ticket prices.

Information on the Escher al PAN exhibition in Naples

When: from 1 November 2018 to 22th April 5 May 2019

Where: PAN - Palazzo delle Arti, Via dei Mille 60, Naples

Hours: every day from 9.30 to 19.30

Extraordinary openings: extraordinary openings

  • Thursday 1st November 9.30am - 19.30pm
  • Saturday 8 December 9.30am - 19.30pm
  • Monday 24 December: 9.30 - 17.30
  • Tuesday 25 December: 14.30pm - 19.30pm
  • Wednesday 26 December: 9.30am - 19.30pm
  • Monday 31 December: 9.30 - 17.30
  • Tuesday 1 January 12.30 - 19.30
  • Sunday 6th January 9.30am - 19.30pm
  • Sunday 21 April: 9.30am - 19.30pm
  • Monday 22 April: 9.30 - 19.30


  • Full ticket 13 euro + 1,50 presale
  • Reduced ticket 11 euro + 1,5o of presale (11-18 years, over 65, university students up to 26 years)
  • Reduced ticket 11 euros (military, disabled, law enforcement, non-accredited ODG journalists)
  • Reduced ticket 8 euro (every monday except holidays for university students)
  • Reduced ticket 6 euro (Civil Service volunteers, small groups of maximum 5 students without teachers)
  • Reduced price ticket for children 6 euro + 1,50 presale (6-11 years not completed)
  • Free Ticket (children under 5, tourist guides, accredited journalists of the ODG, companions, teachers with pupils / students, ICOM members, carers for the disabled, coupon holders, holders of Vip Card Arthemisia Group)

Contacts: Tel 081 186 59 91 | Official website Show Escher

Buy tickets online, skip the line: TicketOne

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Written by Raffaele Sarnataro
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