Eurovision, where to see the video of the Måneskin victory of 2021

Maneskin in concert

Two years have passed since that fateful May 22, 2021, when Italy triumphed at the Eurovision Song Contest thanks to the Roman band Måneskin with the song “Shut Up and Good”.
After two years, their success continues unabated and their name is now known all over the world. To relive that emotional moment and the victory that brought Italy to the fore, you can watch the video of the performance and celebration on the official Eurovision site or directly on YouTube.

The video captures the electrifying energy of the band on stage, with the frontman Damian David who performs with his powerful and charismatic voice, along with his bandmates Victoria DeAngelis at the bottom, Thomas Rays on the guitar e Ethan Torchio to the battery.

Måneskin's triumph at Eurovision 2021 it marked a turning point in the history of Italian music, making our country's talent and creativity known to the whole world. Not only did the band achieve a historic victory, they also succeeded to build an international career, proving that Italian music can compete alongside the biggest names on the world music scene.

If you want to relive more exciting moments from Eurovision 2021, you can search the performances of the various participating countries and delve into their stories. Eurovision is an event that celebrates the musical and cultural diversity of Europe, and the victory of the Måneskin it was an opportunity to demonstrate that Italian music has a lot to offer on the international scene.

Don't miss the opportunity to rediscover this unforgettable moment and to once again appreciate the talent and passion of the Måneskin, who with their victory at Eurovision 2021 made all Italians dream and proud.

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