Sfogliatella Fest at Piazza Garibaldi in Naples with tastings and shows

Sfogliatella fair in Naples
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At the Fiera della sfogliatella in Piazza Garibaldi many tastings and exquisite variations of our beloved dessert!

From the 20 22 May 2016, Piazza Garibaldi of Naples will take place there Sfogliatella Fest to celebrate one of the most characteristic and loved sweets of Neapolitan pastry, thanks to its numerous variations. The area will be the square in front of the entrance to the Central Station.

There will be the most important confectioners in the area to make you taste the Neapolitan dessert of the most loved in the city and outside Naples. They will be involved Poppella, Sfogliatella Hearts, Carraturo, Bellavia, Sfogliatella Ferreri, Mosè, The God Father and Vucceria, Palermo pastry shop as guest of honor.

You can, of course, taste sfogliatelle curly e shortbread, but also attend musical events and workshops. A 30-meter container will be set up equipped by the companies Casolaro Hotellerie, Eurobar, Molino Caputo, D 'Avino Zuccherti where the pastry chefs will perform show cooking.

Hotel institutes have also made their contribution to allow students to learn from pastry chefs and some elementary schools will also participate.

Information on the Sfogliatella Fest

When: from 20 to 22 May 2016
Schedule: from 10.00 am to 22.00 pm
Where: Piazza Garibaldi
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