Free French films in original language and with subtitles at the Institut Français in Naples

Free French films at the Institut Français in Naples
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Free French cinema returns to the Institut Français with films in their original language and subtitled in Italian!

Until March 23 2016 a new big appointment with the French cinema, "Cine Discovery"At the ' French institute di Napoli: there will be six films scheduled in this new season.

With a cadence of every 15 days, French films will be shown that have had a great success at home, but which have not always been distributed in Italy. Between these contemporary films, including comedies that show the talent of new established artists and filmmakers such as Emmanuelle Bercot, Bertrand Tavernier and the recently deceased director Solveig Anspach.

The films in programming all have prominent interpreters, including Albert Dupontel, Olivier Rabourdin and Vincent Lacoste. Also very important is the female figure that is outlined in these films, with fabulous interpretations by actresses Catherine Deneuve, Karin Viard and Sandrine Kiberlain.

Cine Discovery Program

27st January
Hannah Arendt

The story of a fundamental period in Hanna Arendt's life, the one between 1960 and 1964, in which the portrait of a courageous and controversial woman emerges. On the occasion of the meeting with the Nazi Eichmann, during his trial, the philosopher will discover the mediocrity of the man, until then considered a monster.

10 February
Camille Redouble

The surreal, yet delicate story of a woman from an unhappy marriage who, after a night of revelry, finds herself magically catapulted to the age of 16. A time when she would meet her future husband and make some important decisions.

24 February
L'homme qu'on aimait trop

The story of a woman who is fully experiencing the failure of her marriage and decides to rebuild her life. Returning from an engagement in Africa, she meets a much older lawyer and falls in love with him, even making controversial decisions such as selling her share of the family inheritance.

9 March
A homme qui crie

A drama that deals with the conflict between a father and a son in Africa. The man, after years of work in a hotel swimming pool, must hand over the job to his son, feeling betrayed by him. At the same time, the civil war scenario forced him to "donate" his firstborn to the war front.

23 March
Sunny days

Carolina is a retired woman who now has a lot of free time to enjoy. Time that, however, does not necessarily allow her to live a "good life", also due to the loss of a dear friend. The family decides to enroll her in an acting course to try to cheer her up.

Information on "Cine Scoperta"

When: until March 23 2016
Where: Institut Francais, Via F. Crispi 86
Schedule: 19.00
Entrance: sweeper
Info and contacts: 081669665 | Official site of the Institut Français

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