GF Vip, Edoardo Tavassi made an appearance in a film. Video

Edoardo Tavassi of the gf vip 2023

Edward Tavassi, central figure of the GF VIP 7 and brother of the famous Gwendolyn, has conquered the audience of the well-known Canale 5 reality show. Although he has received praise for his goliardic spirit, has also been the subject of criticism for alleged manipulations, accused by competitors and by the columnist Sonia Bruganelli. Despite finishing fifth in the final standings, Tavassi was successful, falling in love with Micol Incorvaia during the programme.

Edoardo's life before the limelight of GF Vip

Before entering the world of GF Vip, Edward Tavassi had embarked on one career in dubbing and worked as videomaker for a doctor's office.

A perhaps little-known detail of his life concerns his own comparsa in a film of the 2008 directed by Pupi Avati, entitled "Giovanna's father“, with Silvio Orlando and Alba Rohrwacher as protagonists.

In the film, which is currently making the rounds on TikTok, Tavassi is clearly visible in a scene alongside Orlando and actress Valeria Bilello. This cameo begs the question of whether, in Edoardo's future, there will still be room for the movies , acting.

The controversies after the GF Vip

Although the GF Vip ended for a week, the controversies related to what happened in the house during the seven months of reality show persist. Recently, Charlie Gnocchi, well-known radio speaker, has been added to the list of "accusers" of Tavassi, expressing some criticism of the former roommate in an interview.

Gnocchi said:

“Tavassi was very good and smart. He took my place as animator not without some little subterfuge. Unfortunately we are two very different people… I have always tried to include and team up, he has divided the house into factions. But I admit his madness and the strength of him! ”

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