The Alex Schwazer case, when it comes out on Netflix and the true story of the walker

Alex Schwazer

The series Netflix entitled "The case Alex Schwazer", composed by 4 episodes available from April 13th, was conceived and directed by Massimo Cappello and produced by Indigo Stories. It explores the complicated story of the former world-famous walker Alex Schwazer, now 38, who won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

From Olympic glory to decline

La plot is well known: after winning gold, Schwazer gives in to the temptation of doping and it comes disqualified. So he decides to try one return, but finds himself immersed in a long and painful legal affair that culminates in another disqualification for doping, in force until 2024. The series carefully reconstructs Schwazer's entire journey, from Olympic champion to protagonist of intrigues, trials and disqualifications. The series is expected to stir up a lot of controversy and discussion, with some talking about “a mafia story".

An exclusive interview with the athlete

In the interview, Schwazer prefers forget past events: «I don't really know what happened», says the athlete from Vipiteno, «but after five difficult years of investigations, courts, etc., I'm done». He goes on to say: «I dreamed of simply going back to being an athlete, but I was no longer successful because I found myself involved in battles that didn't concern me not even directly afterwards».

International involvement and the secrets of doping

The series highlights international intrigue in which Schwazer, who had already doped in the past, becomes the scapegoat ideal for hiding the involvement of important characters in the world of doping. The story is reconstructed in detail, also giving voice to the protagonists of the judicial phase. But there is no happy ending for Schwazer, who is banned until 2024.

Schwazer's life today

Now, the athlete prefers not to talk about his story anymore. Regarding sport, Schwazer says: «That sport is like life. There are very beautiful things. And others not. But I play sports because I like it». Today, Schwazer does train 4/5 times a week and has a splendid family with his wife Kathrin and their two children.

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