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Fans of The Ladies' Paradise 8 are you ready for a week that promises to be full of emotions and twists? So make yourselves comfortable because from 15 to 19 April 2024 We'll see some really beautiful ones! The Umberto's plan will bear fruit: not only will Marcello have fallen into his trap by signing the contract with Hofer but Matteo will end up behind bars. Matilde will then discover Vittorio's betrayal: How will he take it? Let's find out all the details together.

Paradise, plot of the episode of Monday 15 April

Matteo is in trouble! He will find himself in prison when Marcello rushes back to Italy to try to help him. But be careful because Umberto's perfidy will not subside to the point that even Silvana will be heavily blackmailed. Tancredi, after seeing Marta and Vittorio kissing, will reveal it to Matilde who will be shocked as Clara begins to feel something particular for Alfredo. Disagreements looming between Tullio and Elvira...!

The Ladies' Paradise 8, plot of the episode of Tuesday 16 April

Matilde will be disappointed for Vittorio's betrayal and will talk about it with Flora while Tancredi will try everything to try to win her back. He doesn't know, however, that Conti has made a decision! Confession time for Maria who will speak to the family of her desire to be with Matteo and leave Vito forever. Ciro won't take it well. Discussions between Elvira and Tullio and between Alfredo and Irene! In both cases something undermines the serenity of the couple, what?

Paradise, plot of the episode of Wednesday 17 April

Elvira will finally find the courage to rebel against Tullio and Marta, after the chat with Vittorio, will decide to leave Milan. Marcello will finally be able to visit Matteo in prison while we will finally witness the decisive confrontation between Vito and Maria. The latter, firmly convinced of her feelings for Matteo, will want to confess everything to her partner, leaving him. Will she succeed?

The Ladies' Paradise 8, plot of the episode of Thursday 18 April

A Ciro won't accept Maria's decision at all and, for this reason, he will ask Vito to insist on his daughter, trying in every way to make her change her mind. Hofer will be on the run after signing the contract with Marcello and for Umberto it will finally be time to celebrate: his plan was a perfect success! An unexpected proposal will shock Clara and Elvira, convinced that she wants to disobey Tullio, will go to the cafeteria to take part in the singing evening together with Salvatore. The arrival of Tullio, however, will change things!

Paradise, plot of the episode of Friday 19 April

Maria will be desperate: she will need to talk to Matteo and will therefore ask Silvana to help her have a conversation with him in prison. Growing tensions between Irene and Alfredo as well as between Salvatore and Elvira: the boy's gesture the night before will not be appreciated and will be seen as an unforgivable interference! Vittorio will want to win back Matilde and his trust and, for this reason, he will ask Flora for help while in the meantime for Adelaide and Marcello it will be time to find out the truth about the Hofer affair. It's a trap: what will they do now?

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