The village of Panini Tour 2024 in Naples, dates, time and where

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In the 2024, the Panini Tour stops in Napoli. An opportunity for those who collect stickers, comics and much more. The tour turns into a meeting point for anyone interested in the world Panini.

What does the Panini Tour 2024 consist of? Il Panini Tour 2024

An explosion of entertainment and pop culture. This year, in addition to the traditional stickers, the tour is enriched with comics and magazines from the Panini universe. Imagine a caravan of joy, with areas dedicated to exchanging stickers, meetings with artists and moments of pure entertainment.

I collectors of all ages will find themselves in one big family, sharing stories and passions. Mickey Mouse fans will be thrilled with the comic workshops, while football fans can test their knowledge with interactive games. It is an event that transforms every city into a stage of surprises and discoveries!

When the Panini Comics tour arrives in Naples

Il 17 and 18 February, Naples becomes the beating heart of Panini Tour 2024. The Rotonda Diaz will be transformed into a real Panini village, vibrant with energy and activity.

It will be a weekend unforgettable, where children e adults they will be able to dive into a world of games, exchanges and adventures. Every corner of the village it will be a new opportunity to learn, play and, above all, have fun.

It's not just an event, but a real one international festival for every fan of the Panini brand. Get ready, Naples awaits you with open arms!

What time does the Panini Tour of Naples start and end?

Il Panini Tour of Naples comes to life from 10:00 up to 19:00, offering a whole day full of activities, meetings and exchanges dedicated to enthusiasts of the world Panini.

Main activity times

  • Comics Laboratory (for children aged 6 to 15): 10am-40am and 11pm-40pm
  • Firmacopie: 11am-45pm and 12pm-45pm

Blasco Pisapia as magister of the stage in Naples

Blasco Pisapia, born in Irpinia and raised in Napoli, stands out as a Disney author exceptionally talented. Since childhood, drawing has been his world: every notebook and book became a stage for his creations inspired by the world of Disney. Graduated in architecture, Pisapia soon realized that his true calling was comic.

The turning point came when, after a brief experience as an architect, he decided to fully embrace his passion for drawing. He moves to Milano, where he began working with Massimo Marconi, participating not only in the creation of the drawings but also in the creation of subjects and screenplays.

Pisapia also dedicates himself to the study of the worlds of Mickey mouse e Paperino, creating detailed maps and floor plans of their imaginary cities. His commitment leads him to collaborate in the design of Luna Park e expositive spaces theme.

His career reaches a point of prominence with the publication of the graphic novel “The shepherd of wonder” in 2011, testifying to his deep connection with the art of comics and illustration.

  • Where: Napoli
  • When: from Saturday 17 February 2024 to Sunday 18 February 2024
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