Naples ferry accident, collision with the dock: 30 injured

ship accident in Naples

This morning at Molo Beverello in Naples, what should have been a normal docking turned into a critical event. The ferry Procida Island, arriving from Capri, It couldn't withstand the strong gusts of wind, hitting violently the dock.

The impact caused numerous injuries, almost thirty, and a woman was hospitalized in serious condition. The situation immediately attracted the attention of rescuers and passers-by, triggering an immediate emergency response.

How the ship accident occurred in Naples and how the injured are doing

During docking, the gusts of wind they made maneuvering the ferry difficult Procida Island, which lost control and crashed into the platform. On board, hundreds of passengers, including numerous foreigners, were preparing to disembark. Many of them, standing and probably not prepared for the impact, were thrown to the ground.

Fortunately, most of the injuries reported were minor, although they did require intervention by staff 118, who promptly answered the call.

Immediately after the accident, the staff of 118 intervened quickly, coordinating the rescue operations directly on site. The injured were promptly assisted, receiving first aid and being assessed for the severity of their conditions. Most received emergency codes Detective stories o greens, indicative of non-critical injuries. Despite this, they were transferred to local hospitals for further investigation and treatment.

A particularly worrying situation it involved a woman, whose severity of injuries required an immediate transport to hospital with a red code.

The causes of the accident and the ongoing investigations

The accident triggered an immediate investigation to clarify the dynamics of the collision. There Port Authority of Naples took charge of the investigation, examining all potential causes, from adverse weather conditions to the hypothesis of possible human error. The strong wind, in particular, is considered a critical factor that could have docking maneuvers complicated of the ferry.

At the same time, the authorities are collecting testimonies and checking the technical data of the ship to better understand how a large and presumably well-equipped ferry to sail in difficult conditions could have failed to approach the dock.

Immediately after the accident, the Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Tullio Ferrante, expressed his opinion solidarity with the victims, ensuring that the Ministry is carefully following the evolution of the situation. He underlined the government's commitment to supporting the investigation and ensuring that all safety measures are respected to prevent future similar incidents.

The shipping company Caremar, responsible for the Isola di Procida ferry, issued an immediate statement, confirming that all planned emergency procedures were activated promptly. Furthermore, they ensured full cooperation with the authorities to determine the exact causes of the incident and have put in place additional measures to assist passengers affected by the accident.

Had there already been accidents?

There is no confirmation, but according to what was published by a user on TikTok, already on Thursday 18 April there had been an accident involving two ferries that had impacted each other, but To date there are no confirmations official.


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