Easter Monday 2014 | The Agnano racecourse opens its doors to citizens (free entry)

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The Agnano racecourse invites Neapolitan citizens to spend Easter Monday at the Naples sports facility

The 21 April 2014, in conjunction with the traditional feast of Easter Monday, l'racecourse of Agnano he organized a race dedicated to the memory of Gianni Campili, famous editor-in-chief of Il Mattino. The event is also considered a test of approach to the classic of May, in fact, the winning horse will win the "wild card" for direct admission to the 65 edition of the Grand Prize of Agnano to be held on May 4.

To celebrate Easter Monday together with the Neapolitans, this year the racecourse will open its doors for free to the city. Guests can entertain themselves and eventually make traditional ones picnic on three kilometers of meadow. Children will have the opportunity to admire part of the 500 horses present in the facility and take pony rides. The green area can also be used to have fun with bicycles, scooters and balls. In addition, there will also be the special National Comedy Competition "Datti all'ippica" .

If you do not want to eat traditional sack lunch, guests can go to many refreshment points: bar, pizzeria “ippopizza”, Kebab 'Pub The West', Pasqualino Bakery's tasty staples, French fries with twelve different types of sauces, “Di corsa da Mimì” gourmet basket. Finally, at the panoramic 'roof garden Partenope' Sara buffet brunch served from 13.30 for € 20,00 for adults and € 8,00 for children's menu. The dishes will resume the flavors of the Neapolitan tradition and there will be water and desserts.

For the special occasion, therefore, the Naples sports facility will become another perfect place to have an outdoor lunch, but we remind you that our city offers other areas to make picnics in contact with nature.

Information Easter Monday at the Agnano racecourse - Naples

When: Monday 21 April 2014 (Easter Monday)
Opening hours: the gates will be opened at 11.00. The closure is scheduled towards the 18.30 / 19.00.
Pricing: free entry.
More Info: very large parking lot located nearby.
More information: 081 7624161

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